Monday, August 1, 2022





The cells of my body

are part of the window cells of the house

 which realizes

a bird and some pieces of the sky

are not just meaningless collages

 on the window.

The whole essence of the house

is immersed in “blue”.

The whole essence of the house vibrates

with a musical note.

Spring overflows from the window

The musical notes

understand well

how photo frames move memories

without forgetting

the harmony of the rain.

Elham Hamedi

All rights reserved




The house isn’t the walls’ count

The house is windows’ count

With moving images volume

that has stolen you many times from the spring

And now they slip you

on the glass

from reflection into another reflection

The house is not have an irregular walls’ pulse

Which reflects the sound of my shoes heel anxiously

The house is the rhythm of the fish movement

which transfers memories from a photo to another

Elham Hamedi

All rights reserved




Build my house with parallel mirrors

 To see myself inside a curtain

 that the wind causes me to have a soft convulsion

Not in the way that I crumple like paper

 next to the yard

 As swallowing a sensitive word with passion

 Make my mother with parallel mirrors

 To see myself inside my mother

 that I am pregnant

 And I connect my umbilical cord

to my umbilical cord consciously

 Not with anesthetics

 And how pleasant is a purple scream

 For the birth of a pair of parallel mirrors

Elham Hamedi

All rights reserved




ELHAM HAMEDI (Shiraz, Iran, March’ 8, 1967) is an international multimedia artist, poet and curator, a permanent member of the Iranian Visual Arts Scientific Association, with a master's degree in art research from Yazd University, and a bachelor's degree in radiology from Shiraz University, Winner of the  International Literary Award 2022 named "Women For Culture and For Peace" award(MESTRE/VENEZIA), “International Prize for Peace and the Defense of Human Rights “( Toscolano Maderno), one of the poetesses selected for participation in First International Iside Prize (( IX Edition )Literary Arts 2021( Procida-Italy). She is present with her poetic and artistic  works in numerous international anthologies  and prestigious International magazines and websites, and also Personal and International Group Art Exhibitions.


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