Monday, August 1, 2022



Death Is A Flowering Rebellion Because


The palms of an overturned longing are your eyes

The courtyard does not bleed for nothing

Death accumulates without a staff


The cry of rain on the awning

The voice of my love for you

Moms give pigeons their wheat


In the instability of life

Sometimes it resonates in you.

Sometimes he breaks down on the streets

Hits their backs in the city of sadness

Who leans on you

Some people whine at their eyelashes


I'm excited when you call

I'll dream of you in an age raid

He can't lick his knife scabbard alone

It is the vulture that is put on the register because


The courtyard does not bleed for nothing

Death is a flowering rebellion because




Does The Water Ever Sweat, Mom


From a feisty time

Life is passing

I chose a silent letter

How to cut my hair from menstruation

I have to tell you what's going on


I hear

I ask

Does the water ever sweat, mom

Is water afraid of darkness


The hands of the fall are on my neck

The look of a wounded lion

The days of September when rib pain does not fit

The sobbing of fire horses


In the middle of a riot, the coffee of my eyes remains

The fragile smell of my favorite song

Rioting in throat


Suddenly his tongue explodes unresolved dreams

A chill does not ask for an address

Every green you lose in the resurrected steppe

Is it stored in its own cocoon

The beauty that absorbs the earth


Which way does the garden door open, mom

The garden gate is similar to tired bazaars


Every time I make a notch, the night is gone

I've never seen him roar in the morning

I was a little black fish when I was always big

Citrus orchards when I was little


The stars fall from one to another

Collecting bunches of doom

It's easy to leave the old one behind

Let's take a look at the most beautiful ports in the city

Child their names

Will you count, mom



Let It Be Clear


It makes the shores of your mouth cold

The secret that came out of the night

I swallow without chewing

After the heavens are pierced

He must know everything about nature


I'm looking into that cat's eyes when we're ashamed of ourselves

Impatient with the season

Days are waiting for vigilance

With colors he doesn't know

Timeless blooming flowers


You are telling me about the cause lessness of my movement

It means a distance of

Senseless fuss on the neck

The wings of the burnt dove are drawing our migrations

A parting hangs on the cornices of my heart

The betrayal that grows inside me


If We are Dead

Let it be clear

May a long silence not prevail



If We Stayed

Mom's hot titties in the sky




ÖNDER ÇOLAKOĞLU was born in İskenderun. He lives in Izmir. He has two daughters named Ekin and Deniz. He works as a Specialist Doctor (Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology) in a private hospital in Izmir.His poems and text were published in the magazines Varlık, Yeni e, Bireylikler, Sincan İstasyonu, Hurriyet Gösteri, Sözcükler, Eliz Edebiyat, Akatalpa, Çini Edebiyat, Caz Kedisi, Edebiyat Nöbeti, Hayal, Yaşam Sanat and Iran Tabriz in Persian and Azerbaijani Turkish in Ghoroob.His first book, 'Çapak' was from Hayal Publishing in January 2018, and the second book 'Taş Uğultusu' was published in November 2019 by Hayal Publishing. The book 'Taş Uğultusu' won the Ruhi Türkyılmaz Art House award in 2020.


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