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Father's House


My father's house was left to me as a legacy,

Where I live with my family, where is the eternal garden.

Where my childhood begins

Where I turned fifty.


Father's house saves from bad weather,

The father's house saves from adversity.

The boundaries of the house are the boundaries of happiness,

Above them is the sun, a month all year round.


Father's yard - you are my state border,

Father's yard is my lifeline.

You are sovereignty, how not to be proud,

You are my adviser, you are my true friend.


My friends, my relatives are all trees,

My father's house keeps my quiet sleep.

I spend time in my father's house,

Will I find peace in my father's house?


In my father's house, where my mother went,

In the father's house, where the father walked.

I live, I love, I laugh, sometimes I suffer,

My little boy is growing up in my father's house.


After all, at home the walls help people, -

You are my fortress from someone else's rumor.

When slander bothers me,

You are a place where there is a smell, a taste of halva.


Thank you for your native roof

For land, air, the memory of all relatives.

Because you gave me a niche from the heart,

For an hour of inspiration - bright, golden.


House With Access To The Market


Born at the Eastern Bazaar.

There is my dear homeland.

Where I wake up with the azan,

And where my beloved lives with me.


Where it is crowded from early morning,

A house with sea access? To the market!

At the why threshold - children,

Where from dawn to dawn only young, old.


At dawn I pour into that stream,

In which life boils, flows in full.

When I see people, I thank

Almighty for the world, I drink bliss.


Sacred Side


What is the West to me, what is the East to me?

Not light yet: only a tight circle!

Perhaps a sip is waiting for spring?

After all, there is a North, there is even a South!


What is the West to me, what is the East to me?

After all, my life is a solid pledge!

Mohammed is a holy prophet to me,

My Qibla is my home, threshold!




So I want to go to visit my mother,

Drink tea with her and over a dastarkhan.

I would like to see my father in the early morning,

Stay overnight in that desired house...


What a pity, I have nowhere to go for the holiday -

My relatives are long gone, after all, in the world.

I sit at home from longing and cry,

I'm looking for them from light to dawn.


About Homesickness


Do you want to drop the sky even to the ground,

But do not deprive people of their homeland.

Do not take away the streets - the memory of childhood -

Turn over all the white light.


Their ancestors went there - dads, moms,

Their youth walked there in the rain.

After all, there are mosques, their churches and temples,

Oh, do not deprive people of their homeland.


Why someone else's luxury, skyscrapers,

Neon lights, a series of cars...

When friends, neighbors are waiting for them somewhere,

On the world map is the place of their soul?!


Though you appear as wild beasts, -

Don't make people leave!

To choose, you imagine your homeland, -

Don't make me yearn for her!


This is blasphemy!




The sky plays its white tunes,

Naked birches in a dream.

A young man wanders,

His hands are covered with birches.


He goes without finding, he searches,

This guy is full of birch trees.

He goes without being found - he dreams,

He dreams - in a dream of birch trees.


He dreams: in a dream of a boy,

His hands are full of apricots.

The sky plays its white tunes,

Naked cherry blossoms.


My Images


My thoughts are drowning in the rain

Thinking about the sun.

He sometimes flew to the valley,

He comes back from his motherland to talk.


My thoughts are drowning in the rain

Another flight to my home.

Parents hug and kiss,

Reach out to me.


I will stay in the rain

I have passion for my thoughts.


On The Train


Missing your blue-blue gardens again,

I'm going back to your warm embrace, Osh.

My mother is walking along the road and waiting.

My passion is coming, if the bird flies away.


I will not leave the sidewalk,

The trees are climbing fast behind me...

How much I yearn for my mother,

Such a cruel train.



 RAHIM KARIM (Karimov) - Uzbek-Russian-Kyrgyz Soviet poet, writer, publicist, translator (b. 1960, Osh, Kyrgyzstan). Graduated from the Moscow Literary Institute named after A.M. Gorky (1986, seminar of Yegor Isaev, Vladimir Milkov). Member of the National Union of Writers, the Union of Journalists of the Kyrgyz Republic. Official representative of the International Federation of Russian-speaking Writers (London-Budapest) in Kyrgyzstan. Co-chairman of the Literary Council of the Eurasian Peoples Assembly (Russia). Member of the Writers' Union of Russia. Laureate of the International Competition "Golden Stool", AUCA, Kyrgyzstan. Laureate of the international prize "Many languages - one world", AUCA, Kyrgyzstan. Winner of the Aga Khan Foundation International Children's Book Competition, 2011. Laureate of the Republican Literary Prizes named after Moldo Niyaz, Egemberdi Ermatov. Honorary Doctor of Philosophy (Morocco). Academician of the Academy "Turon", Uzbekistan. Laureate of the International Prize  named after Peter Bogdani (Brussels-Pristina). Member of the International Association of Writers (Belgium-Pristina). Laureate of the International Peace Prize named after Swami Vivekananda (India). Ambassador of the World Children's Movement in Central Asia (Nigeria). Member of the World Haiku Association (Japan). Laureate of the Gold Prize (Ethiopia). Laureate of the prize of the International Union of English-speaking Writers (India). "Outstanding Public Person of the World" (Morocco). "Author of the Year - 2019" (Netherlands). "Author of the Year - 2019" (Montenegro). Laureate of the International Dardanica Prize (North Macedonia). "Author of the Year - 2019" (USA). Representative of the radio project "Unite the World with Poems" in Kyrgyzstan (Mexico). Icon of World Literature (Mexico-India). Ambassador of World Literature, Oman. World Literature Ambassador, World Literary Academy, Romania. Official translator of the international literary magazine ITACHA (Spain). Holder of the International Gold Certificate of Recognition (Morocco). Recipient of the Honorary Diploma of Poets of the World "Isla Negra", Chile. Winner of the PENTASI World Poets Festival, Beijing, 2019. Certificate of the Rosas Orquideas Poeticas World Competition (Colombia). Laureate of the International Prize "City of Galateo - Antonio de Ferrari", Rome, Italy, 2020 and 2021. Awarded with the "Diploma for the Promotion of Literature at the World Level" (Guinness Book of Records) by the World Academy of Literature, the World Association of Poets (Romania). Awarded the Order of Shakespeare, Oman, 2020. Laureate of the National Poet Competition of the Prince of Muzaka Literary and Artistic Association, Albania, 2020. Gujarat, India. Appointed National President of the World Union of Latin American Writers (UHE) in Kyrgyzstan, World Director of Publications and Translation of the World Union of Latin American Writers (UHE). Awarded the medal of Kairat Parman-Duissenov, Oman, World Union of Nations Writers, Kazakhstan, Certificate "Poet of the Asian Continent", World Union of Latin American Writers (UHE), 2020. Was Chairman of the jury of the World Poet Competition, World League of Poets, Nigeria, 2020, Chairman jury of the World Poet Competition, Philippines, 2020. Winner of the Global Poet Certificate, Texas, USA. Chairman of the Jury of the World Poet Competition, World League of Poets, Nigeria, 2020. Certificate of Chief Judge and Leading Representative for International Affairs, World League of Poets, Nigeria, 2020. Awarded a Certificate of Appreciation for his contribution to the "Literary and Cultural Art", Cairo, Egypt. Certificate of Recognition, Lebanon. Certificate of Recognition, Texas, USA. Member of the World Movement of Poets, Chile. Winner of the “Friend” Cup, Egypt. Received the World Literary Prize. Cesar Vallejo, Peru, 2020. Winner of the "International Prize for the Best Poets and Translators of 2020", International Poetry Translation and Research Center (IPTRC), PRC, Greek Academy of Arts and Literature. Member of the editorial board of the website "New Literature of Kyrgyzstan". Laureate of the Sahitto International Literary Prize - 2021, Bangladesh. Honorary Global Advisor (FOWCAAS), Singapore in Kyrgyzstan. Participant of the III World Poetry Conference, India, 2021. Awarded the International Prize of the Union of Latin American Writers "Golden Eagle - 2021", Peru. Laureate of the "Star of World Poetry" prize, Academy of Literature, Romania, 2021. Laureate of the International Prize of the Sahitya Academy (2021). Ambassador of the World Peace Institute in Kyrgyzstan, 2021. Winner of the International Silver Shield Prize, Union of Latin American Writers (UHE), Peru, 2021. Awarded a Certificate of Recognition, Texas, USA, 2021. Awarded with an Honorary Diploma for Merit. Latin American Academy of Modern Literature, Academic Society of Ibero-American Historians, 2022, Mexico. Prize Velardiniello - 2022, Academician and honoris causa, Naples, Italy. Rabindranath Tagore International Literary Prize, India, 2022. Repeated participant of young writers of Uzbekistan. Author of the national bestseller "Kamila", Book Chamber of the Kyrgyz Republic, 2005. Winner of the second prize at the International Book Forum "Open Central Asian Book Forum and Literary Festival - 2012" (Great Britain). Nominated for the All-Russian literary prize "Poet of the Year - 2013, -2014, -2015", "Heritage-2015, -2016" S. Yesenin (2016). He was awarded the silver medal of the Eurasian literary festival LiFFt in the category "Eurasian poet", 2017, the medal "Kyrgyz tili" of the State Commission on the State Language under the President of the Kyrgyz Republic. Awarded with certificates of honor of the Osh regional state administration, 1988, the mayor's office of the city of Osh, 1990. Author of about 60 books of original, translated poetry and prose. Works, books have been published and published in Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Hungary, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Azerbaijan, Great Britain, Canada, Mongolia, Romania, Greece, Netherlands, Zimbabwe, India, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Albania, Belgium, Pakistan, Republic of China, People's Republic of China, Japan, Iraq, Mexico, Venezuela, Poland, Macedonia, Croatia, Serbia, Slovakia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Afghanistan, Spain, France, USA, Colombia, Germany, Costa Rica, Turkey, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Italy, Spain, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Kosovo, Vietnam, Israel, Sweden, Philippines, Seychelles, Peru, Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Indonesia, Scotland, Singapore, Portugal and other countries of the world in Uzbek, Kyrgyz, Russian , Tajik, English, Ukrainian, French, Spanish, Romanian, Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, Tamil, Malayalam, Dutch, German, Polish, Greek, Persian, Pashtun, Dari, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Macedonian Skom, Serbian, Albanian, Croatian, Bosnian, Montenegrin, Slovak, Malay, Azerbaijani, Turkish, Nepali, Hebrew, Swedish, Scottish, Lezgin, Indonesian, Portugal and other languages of the world. He translated poetry and prose into Uzbek, Russian, Kyrgyz and English languages of authors from Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Tajikistan, Mongolia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, the Netherlands, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Romania, Russia, Poland, Macedonia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Iran, Denmark, USA, Slovakia, Mexico, Malaysia, Iraq, Italy, Bangladesh, Nepal, Turkey, Israel, Philippines, etc. Author of over 20 popular patriotic songs in Uzbek, Russian, Kyrgyz languages, written together with composers from Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Germany. He worked as editor-in-chief of the newspaper "Voice of Tekstilshchik" (Osh), deputy editor-in-chief of the city newspaper "Vecherny Osh", own correspondent of the newspaper "Khalk Suzi" of the Supreme Council of Uzbekistan in Kyrgyzstan, editor-in-chief of the regional newspaper "Ak-Buura", executive secretary of the international literary art almanac "Osh", a leading specialist of the Osh Regional Department of Culture, editor-translator of the AKIpress Information and Analytical Bureau, editor-in-chief of the Central Asian news service CAnews.




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