Monday, August 1, 2022



Childhood Home


Dear summer, you are leaving me again

I left my parents' house a long time ago

Please take me with you and go there

adorned with garlands of flowers

Don't rush with the sun

He has hot rays

You took memories from my years

You put them in your basket


You walked through

The meadow to the spring

surrounded by green forests

and towering mountains

close to the parental home

I longed for her

I never forgot you.

© Daniela Marian


Doina Flowers


Doina flowers, white flowers,

I miss you so much

off ...parental home of

The land where you are

Doina flowers overshadow

The longing for the earth

from ancestral land of my village

How much I caressed him

I took pieces of it and

I took them far into the world

The distance took me

ephemeral through life

The years passed quickly

I miss you so much

I left my parents' house

I'll be back one day

to hug the peonies to the chest

and I will kiss the white lilies

My mother take care of them

My father used to wait for me

at the sometime gate.

© Daniela Marian


The Years Were Passing


The years of childhood are over

They intertwined like a thought

With a ray of memories

He hugs me ephemerally.

I'd like to look back

One moment to see my face as a child

without worries and what else

To catch the cherries from the trees

from the parental home

I could hear the chirping of the swallows

and blackbirds


Now my hair is a little bleached

My powers are gone

From this short life all

I have left are memories

I wove them carefully maybe

I'll resurrect them in another life.

© Daniela Marian




DANIELA MARIAN: She is from Romania. Hobbies: She has been passionate about poetry and painting since she was a child. She has published poems in copyrighted volumes at publishing houses; she has published poems in magazines and anthologies with several authors from the country and abroad with whom he has collaborated excellently. She has received diplomas and certificates of appreciation and excellence for poetry at various national and international literary competitions. It is a promoter of ecology, peace and disadvantaged children. She is a university graduate and works at a state university but does not mix work with hobbies.


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