Monday, August 1, 2022



Home For All


Our world is built with brick and stone

raising walls so high and tall


often finding ourselves alone

listening to echoes of our call


bashed around we lay and groan

struggling to rise after every fall


through tests and trials our skills we hone

learning how to scale the wall


house without love is never a home

merely rooms in which to crawl


when seeds of love are freely sown

that's when we find a home for all.

Zararia Yul © Copyright



Happy Home


Joy and laughter flowing free

love and compassion showering glee

passionate smiles shining bright

genuine hearts glowing with light.


When laughter echoes off the walls

when friendship answers all our calls

when someone holds us tight at night

we've found a home in which to delight.


When happiness gallops through our veins

brightness embraces all our gains

a happy home is all we need

always sowing beautiful seed.


Joyful spirits make a home

happy hearts are stronger than stone

contented souls entwined all goals

in a happy home through sacred scrolls.

Zararia Yul © Copyright



What Is A Home


A home is tightly entangled with love

very much like the inside of a glove

just a piece of cloth until a hand gives it shape

like a vine that produces a tasty grape.


A heart filled with love can sleep under the stars

home is the heart that doesn't need walls or cars

happiness flows like a clear mountain stream

revealing fruits of every passionate dream.


What is a home but a state of being

happiness weaving through all we are seeing

joyful contentment in friendships that share

opening our souls to others that care.


When we find our passion we find our home

when we share our hearts we're never alone

when we seek a mission we find our goal

in our inner home through the heart mind and soul.

Zararia Yul © Copyright




ZARARIA YUL seeks to find a home in the hearts and souls of the readers through the poetry she shares with the world, awakening the spirit within with the secrets and messages hidden within the meaning and essence of her work.




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