Monday, August 1, 2022





The mother walks with her child

on the path of life and says to him:

there is our home

This is a flower but it has thorns, beware!

This is plastic and this is wood

These are stones,

they can be turned into a bridge,

when they fall they become sand,

a house can be built from it.

This is the park, this is mud, watch out!

The child is released from her hand

and enters the mud.

He looks at the mud-covered boots with a smile.

The mother sits on the bench.

In the middle of the park

her child is the most beautiful flower

and she knows,

she's rich

even though she wears a five-year-old coat.


Seasons Of Fall


My love will be great agene one day

when season of fall will be gone, my darling.

My love will be beautiful agene, one day

When we will be yang agene

My love, you will be love agene

and then, my darling

One day

O! one day

When we will be fool and silly

Like sometimes in the yang age

Do you remember our old home, sweety?

O! that day

My sweet darling our love will be foolish and silly, yes.

My love will be great agene one day

When seasons of fall will be gone.




I live my ghosts

to be whit you, darling

I come, reach one’s destination

and you don’t know

I have ear ache,

This pain is my own.

I come to be whit you at home sweet home

Give me a hug, quickly

Give me a little love, my lover.

I let the rats and the monsters

in the madness whit the night

to rot away whit suppuration into

the place of execution to evil

No regrets, no mercy for the witch!

Groan roar whit anger sinking

in deep, falling through envy

and the blood to bleed

I let fright and the suffer behind me.

I love you foolishly!

I`m crazy about you!

Whit attachment

I`m your everlasting mistress.


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