Thursday, September 1, 2022



Never To Return


With crying traces on her fingers,

she left never to return.

She simply left

As if nothing happened.

Right over the dew of her lips,

She took off without a word for the clouds.

As I was travel in my language with great pain,

I see her every night milking a rose in the light.

She even forgot her fingers on the whiteness

And just left me alone on the line.

In the last part of the dream...


So That I Can Look Sad


And you...

Show up in my dreams.

I used to see you every night,

Drinking from the water’s tale

So my fingers would tell stories.

Like a child, I sort out my sorrows for all the garden trees

So that I can look sad when you leave.


They Don’t Realize


They don’t realize all the words I wrote last night,

The letters that I poured into the poem,

The exclamation marks…, the question marks,

And the butterflies flying over my papers

Till the point, I finish writing the poem.

Don’t they realize how shy I was…?

When my pen fell from between my fingers.




FETHI SASSI: He is a Tunisian poet. Born in 1.6.1962, Nabul, Tunisia. He is a writer of prose poetry, short poems and haiku. He is a translator of all his poems to English and for others great poets. Poetry Books: A Seed of Love (2010). I dream …. And I sign on birds the last words (2013). A sky for a strange bird (2016, Egypt). As lonely rose … one chair (March 2017, Egypt) . I used to hang my face behind the door (April 2018). A new way for absence (April2019) Member of: -Tunisian Writers’ Union -Literature Club of Sousse



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