Thursday, September 1, 2022



Allow Me


Allow me to wake you up in the morning,

I caress your breasts with my hair.

Let me look at you gently,

I will never give you to anyone again


Allow me to kiss you passionately

and I run my fingers through my hair.

Allow me to be with you

and in happiness, sadness and pride.


Allow me, jewel, to be me,

that will shine in my eyes,

and I swear by your name,

I will be your protective fairy.


Allow me to give you your last name

and I feed with nectar from my lips.

I will give birth to an heir

and to defend against all adversity.


let me be yours

I write your name in my heart,

that is my only wish now.

I breathe this air because of you.




Your traces remain

all over my body,

as if they were the most beautiful dreams

I'm looking at you on the part.


Your scent on your skin

I've been feeling for a long time,

number of kisses while multiplying

I say goodbye sadness.


The words became a part

my hopes are fulfilled,

I was especially funny this night,

from this night I am only yours.


Everything started a long time ago

we continue now,

it is not said in vain

hope always dies last.


Turn Me To Dust


Mix our sweat and blood and breath,

in front of this desire I am overcome with fear.

Take my life turn me to dust,

just be mine, I'm all yours.


Hold me tightly, protect me from everyone,

let your name adorn every verse of mine.

Become a part of my life,

I will be the inhabitant of your heart.


The most beautiful page in the book of life,

my youth, my beauty.

My last and first thought,

forever i will be only yours.




VILDANA STANIŠIĆ, a poet from Bosnia and Herzegovina, was born in 1971 in Mostar. She is a journalist and writer by profession. He has been writing since childhood. She is a member of the World Literary Academy and the winner of numerous awards in the field of literature. Vildana is Doctor Honoris Causa. She was appointed ambassador of peace and ambassador of cultural creativity of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In 2021, she was declared Princess of World Culture

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