Thursday, September 1, 2022



It’s Good Enough


It’s good enough to fall in love

As much the vibes already I have gathered

It’s good enough to rise in love

As much elevating elevation I have attended

It’s good enough to say you yes or no

Enough unreasonable reasons I have summed up to show


How does it matters whatever I say or not

Which way I say

Or I don’t say anything at all

Anyway, words never translate the heart accurately and exactly

Reluctance and timidness may reserve the emotions, reluctantly

Words may hesitate to represent the mind honesty

Embarrassed psyche may obstruct the flow of heart intentionally

I may not able to present you, genuinely


So the only option left for you is

Make sure it’s good enough intensity in your attachment

To being detached, to

Hear my heart

Read my eyes

Feel my feelings

Get drenched in my loving emotions

And meet my soul

Please don’t rely on the verbal translation and communication at all.

Copyright © Dr. Gita Mohanty





Do I remember???

Or couldn’t forget ever,

Not sure,

But something, definitely bothers,


Now or never,

Past or future,

Tried to let it go, for better,

But may be it,

Stuck a bit,

for ever,

and that matters,


Did I overcome???

Or still left some,

Unable to mention,

But somewhat, very uncommon,


Did it ever touch my emotions???

I always stacked my senses, beyond sensations,

Hope there is no absurd prognostication,

About any illusion,

But may be something, somewhere hidden,

Honestly, I don’t have any justification,


A robust emotional personification,

Of some diluted feelings in a concentrated form,

May be still hanging in the rib cage, as if like a pendulum,

Really I’m unknown,

Absolutely undone,

Touching the deepest core while oscillation,

But still somehow, I never let it vibrate the strings of my idealism.

Copyright © Dr. Gita Mohanty



Submission In Love


I said, ‘let me feel You once’

He became the ether

I said, ‘please heal me my Dear’

He became the therapeutic fragrance and adored

To energize my ‘seven chakras’ one after another

I said, ‘may You touch my senses’

He became a sudden rain shower

I said, ‘please let me feel Your touch, beyond my senses’

He became a prayer

I said, ‘now touch my soul’

He enveloped my non-existential existence as a whole

I said, ‘please with You, assimilate me’

He embraced my consciousness

To the vastness of His cosmic sea.

Copyright © Dr. Gita Mohanty





GITA MOHANTY is an Assistant Biology Professor in USA, Ph.D. from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (IITB), India, and post-doctorate from McGill University, Montreal, Canada, in Environmental Science and Engineering. She is a passionate poetry writer, with a compassionate heart and beautiful mind and poetry to her is an inner conversation with own soul, who believes in free flowing and spreading smile across. Dr Gita has written more than 1000 poems so far and many are published in various online poetry forums/platforms, literary web magazines, e-journals and anthologies. She also likes painting, reading, philosophy and nature. She is motivated in serving the unprivileged.

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