Thursday, September 1, 2022



In A Tight Hug Of Love


Two hearts and the strength of a giant bell

They were entwined in the prayer of love

And we're like inebriated with each other


The outside world did not exist for them at all

Here at the moment, they were alone on the Earth


Embarrassed, day knocked on the window


The heart of the bell gently sang

In the tight weave of their arms

They were calmly breathing

And the curtain was gently wavy

The pale dawn poured in through the window

And the room still smelled of love

© Bozena Helena Mazur-Nowak



I Am Whispered

From Your Dream


I got lost with you my beloved

like a water nymph in a forest glade

dancing with an elf, barefoot on the grass

listening to cicadas playing sounds


your eyes were shining like the moon

my hair shone in their glow

whispered from your dream

I fell in love with you at dawn


the fog rose slightly above the grass

a ray of sun shot through the tree crowns

the fairy tale, I ask, or a dream or delusion,

whether love caused these spells


I feel so light and carefree

like a swallow loudly praises spring

vibrating, greedy and playful,

hungry of you and an endless dance



Miss Wheat


you used to call me, Miss Wheat

and you entangled the sun in my hair,

two braids were hanging proudly

like swollen ears of wheat on my back


all long summer seethed of our love,

Autumn came to us in a purple,

I am no longer Miss Wheat

and you still bring me roses


my hair is silver and short,

in my eyes is a more pale blue sky

but for you, I'm still pretty, you say,

every day your heart sings about it


in your arms, I have found a harbor

so safe despite the storms around

at home, grows little Miss Wheat

our life made a full circle for us

© Bozena Helena Mazur-Nowak



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