Thursday, September 1, 2022



It Rains Happiness With Love


You sit on a chair, as dawn nears

your hand touching my hand

my imagination, into the universe.

Your hug always touches my mind

your eyes sail directly in the direction of rain.

Yes, in the heart of the mind and spirit once more we hear

love rain drops, we hear present and future kisses in the rain.

Do I love you again in the light of all time

like whiteness of froth, a route, a destination?

Do you know how far is

the white from the blue? Just a millisecond of light. Do you

know how far poverty is from wealth? Just a thought

of action away from true action. Do you know

how far is hate from love? Just two steps.

Do you know how far is war from peace?

Not hate in the DNA of nations.


When I see you beyond every day thoughts

love sails on a balmy day in the sea

and I see more love and hope on the horizon again

our happiness rains again

from the sky of life

It rains love

© Roula Pollard



In Search Of A Land


The scent of the sea travelled with me from birth,

countless places I’ve discovered,

people I yearned to meet in time, I met

but when I touched you

a voice like the existence of all beings

awakens from the earth, like 

a house opening its destiny to the sun

nearing hope and love

between sound and silence, I am there.


So, stay with me tonight, like an unfinished story

touch me again like a galloping horse

cover me with morning dew

draw with your lips a rainbow in my heart.

Brighten my shadowy valleys with your sunlight.

I wake from my sleep with your rays.

Travel my body through your continent of love

by the intense flame of your eyes

narrate the journey of passion to my soul!

Touch me, till darkness exhausts itself.

Chronicle the story of our existence

the reason for our genesis

heart’s sensitivity explains

a narration for our descendant’s

events escape their awareness.

Love returns to its plains and valleys

mountains, springs and waterfalls of body and mind

the cosmic entrance of understanding

love opens to feel

sunrise giving birth to blueness

as the Aegean sea gives us back our human face

© Roula Pollard



When You Return Again


Can it last longer

can it be stronger like a first kiss

sealed into an endless kiss for eternity

drops of dawn dew on your forehead

white sails on a blue summer sea, blue sky

the deep touch of love and compassion on my sleeve

a dove I met at a street corner, fed

on my last crumbs of bread.

A dove, carries on her wings all the questions

fears, all the sins of the day

releasing our burdens, and dissolving

harmful experiences, thoughts of the last decade.

So, when you kiss me again today, tomorrow

next week, like a new day with no cares                                                                                     

with free wings of happiness in your conscious

and unconscious thoughts.

A passionate new kiss is sealed on our lips

Save this moment for your body like a new birth

keep all expectations open in the periphery of life


green meadows of affection

© Roula Pollard





ROULA POLLARD is a bilingual poet born in Santorini, Greece. She is an inspirational poet, writer, translator, literary promoter, social and environmental activist. She has four poetry books published “Presence, “Points of Silence”, the “ Birth of Time” in Greek and “Century of Love” in English, which was translated into Telugu. She has received a number of international Poetry awards and participated in international poetry festivals. Her work has been included in more than 180 International Poetry anthologies and published in literary magazines around the world. Roula has promoted the work of more than 165 poets, writers, and artists worldwide. Translated into eleven languages, she is International Peace Ambassador for the “World Institute for Peace”, CEO for “Sharing Friends of the Art’s Hollywood international”, member of the board of Directors of “Atunis Galaktika”,” E-Zine”, and “Athena” magazine, Greek representative for “International Forum for Creativity  and Humanity”, “Waheed Musah Center for Humanity and Humanitarian Development” and also committee member for “ Rinascimento Renaissance Millennium III”.

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