Thursday, September 1, 2022





My hand is wandering

hold my hand

Be my compass

that the its all directions show sea

A compass is not a piece of iron

Compass is the volume of caressing your hands

With the sweet taste of eastern directions

whose hands have only pointed to me

Bathe my hand with your heartbeat

The compass will connect my pieces somewhere far away

My pieces will end up in your pieces

And a loving fish

Can make fine stitches

See with his glass eyes




My compass!

Can you hear me?!

Can you distinguish my direction to the world wide’s word called” love”?

I have arrived to the unknown point that cannot explain any pain point.

My compass!

Can you show me the depth of a heart that belongs all of the skies?!

Can you show me the directions of broken hearts?!

my compass!

hear carefully to the voice of breaking a bird's throat

the bird that has not green throat for continue of it’s song!

please sing my compass!

Can you live instead of that bird?!

As much as five seconds from the life of a bird.!

My compass!!

Tonight, my heart have other person ’s pulse

Please find my pulse

among the crowd of pulses!




A green accident will happen

 in the hearts

No bleeding

And space will break 

 Eager to achieve

short distances


The pulse of conversation will speed

No momentary infarction  in communication

Love-A sweet in the depths of a flavor-

In the bitterness of a simple word

But unspoken




My skin is off

It cannot taste the light

What does the sun of your land taste like?

My cells are sexually assaulted by many fabrics

And buttons cannot fasten my senses to the garden

My cottony voice inside the paper cannot be published

Newspaper columns are made of pressed cement

And the word is constantly buried

at the bottom of the lines

But love is a fugitive word

which has taken refuge in my heart

Whose cinnamon-flavored lips can approach my heart?




ELHAM HAMEDI (Shiraz, Iran, March8, 1967) is an international multimedia artist, poet and curator, a permanent member of the Iranian Visual Arts Scientific Association, with a master's degree in art research from Yazd University, and a bachelor's degree in radiology from Shiraz University, Winner of the International Literary Award 2022 named "Women For Culture and For Peace" award (MESTRE/VENEZIA), “International Prize for Peace and the Defense of Human Rights “(Toscolano Maderno), one of the poetesses selected for participation in First International Iside Prize ((IX Edition) Literary Arts 2021(Procida-Italy). She is present with her poetic and artistic works in numerous international anthologies and prestigious international magazines and websites, and also Personal and International Group Art Exhibitions.


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