Thursday, September 1, 2022



Power Of Love


Is Love not the most beautiful force ruling this Earth?

Is it not capable of sweeping you off your feet

And have you somersaulting over tsunamic waves?

Is it not as fiery as an angry volcano

Protecting its ties and knots as solidly

As would the Gods themselves watch over their devotees?



When it comes in front of us,

Is like a cool misty mountain

Able to refresh our hot summers

Able to have us flying over clouds

As tiny magical butterflies

Having as aim, the spreading of its warmth!


Love, though,

Has been brought to shame

By those who were either in too much of a hurry

To feel its vibes without really realizing

That love, just like a flower,

Needs time to bloom into its exquisiteness!


Yet, regardless, Love

Remains as that force which pours twinkling stars

In our eyes and which bids up smiles upon our

Faces, even if we are battling thunderstorms or cyclops!


Rules Of Love


Love is set to dance to its own tempo

And grow into a world class opera

If it bases itself upon attraction

Then its branches would have to be filled

With like mindedness in opinions and lifestyles

And of course, with trust, respect, tolerance,

Forgiveness, acceptance of flaws and even

Compromises and renouncing of our own self!


If all these rules get followed diligently,

Why, Love is bound to bear fruits

And to last, even, in the afterlife,

Lauded and praised by the Gods themselves


Of these rules,

Pray, I have abided to

And of Love, I write, as one poetess

Drowning in its intoxication,

Aware that the more sips I crave of it,

The more warmth I shall see in deep and sparkling eyes

And the more sincere smiles shall be flashed at me!


Of course,

If such be so,

Then I would be sure that my love shall not only be received

But returned as well!


The Dish Of Love


When we feel for someone,

We tend to make him or her happy

We tend to forsake ourselves

And give of everything that we have

Or make of everything that we are,



But Love is like a dish

It is to be consumed and enjoyed by both


Sitting alone at a dinner table in a fancy restaurant

Can be quite dull,

However much exquisite the food that has been brought to us!


Of course,

There comes the time for starters

And these should be sizzling and dazzling

To such an extent

That we explode along with our taste buds!


The main course should be more than tasty

It should be filling to such an extent

That we would want not second cravings,

If not only at dinner time the next day

While the dessert should be light and delicious

Made of those sweet savories that we enjoy the most!



Love is a dish

If prepared with feelings,

It becomes a delight

And have us keep craving for more!



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