Thursday, September 1, 2022



My Day


I told him he’s the one and now we

are getting married.

High school sweethearts.

High school lovers, soon to be

husband and wife.

Love and passion that

kept us going.

Kept us real.

Kept us wanting.

Moment after moment,

Intense, hot sparks,

hot climaxes.

We cherish the moments.

Moments that last,

that caught us in a world of bliss.

Caught us in time, in secrets.

Caught us in whispers.

The test of faith, of hands

clasp, entwined not surrendering.

A kiss, a touch, a smell.

That aroma that speaks of

inviting sex, lingers at the altar.

I can’t wait to indulge in sweet sugars

and tasty cream.

As I said I do.


The Dreamer


His hands so soft as his fingers runs

through my hair.

I called to him in soft tones, he answered.

His fierce and demanding ways captured

my silence.

He moved swift to embrace,

his strong arms wrapped

around me.

As if he savored this moment,

like a tasty morsel served on a platter.

He took his time, tasting the dainties.

He loved the tasty morsels as he licked his lips

in pleasure.

He made me a woman so many times

and easily too.

I didn’t want this moment to end.

 I felt a sudden urge, like thunder,

an explosion is about to happen.

A sudden scream, a burst,

a point of no return.

Then a rush,

and I woke up all wet,

and it was not sweat.


Her Tears Fell On His Grave


She misses him, as the tear drops flows.

Every tear is her life as she rekindled memories.

He’s gone but is awaken by her sadness.

He touches her gently; he is a silent night.

His spirit moves, so soft, so gentle.

She opens her arms as to embrace what was.

She looks out her window, to find her lost.

He answers, as the chill breeze bring perfumed

fragrance, that the tear dropped on

his grave. She remembers.

his hands, his touch, his kiss.

The passion they shared.

Mixed with feelings of lost.

He welcomed the chance to be reunited,

as the casket opened.

She looked one more time,

as if in the distance, in her mind, in her heart,

one chance of life will come back.

No more time, no more season.

The background music of voices,

support her crying soul.

The tears fell on dirt, to carry good news,

as he lay motionless.

He longs for her in spirit, he calls her name,

in spirit, he kisses her in spirit.

She rubs her tears on him, the casket closed.

She rubs her tears on herself, as his spirit

awakens her soul.





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