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These are my letters to you   O Beloved

how else can I make you see

these are all I have to send you

when you aren’t here with me


I want to wrap my arms around you

lay your head unto my breast

capture all your falling tears

and in my heart to take your rest


Want to share all my emotions

right down to the smallest thought

retire with you when there is night

daily rise with the sun our lot


All the things I want to tell you

if I could these words make speech

but if you can’t understand me

they’ll not your heart to able reach


I want to hear your voice again

for it is pleasant to my ears

within its sound is music

always soothing to all my fears


I think this is the kind of life

what we call God would want for you

but nothing like this can reach your heart

unless you also want it too


You can close your heart and walk away

but I hope you’ll see and not forget

that to share your life in every way

a devotion you could not regret

COPYRIGHT © 2012 C. Michael Miller

via Duboff Law Group LLC




        The Words were form fitted

  chosen, just especially for you

the ones you needed, ones you could hear

        that could not, would not be


    You could trust the truth of them

            they filled an empty cup

          they were given to bind up

                   every wound

       to heal everything broken

        to shed light and dispel


           a balm and remedy for

           every ill and untoward


to bring you good news, joy, and gladness

                to bring hope were

                  there was none

to lift your heart and bring your mind

       to reach for

         their true potential

           to teach you to become

             the words

to transform your substance

            into a new one


         the true alchemy


these words change lives

   these words power your life

they are the ones that embrace


that will hold you, will teach you

      that show their love for you

          they are a joy to hear

and to be spoken, upon rising

upon retiring, and though out

              all your activity

These words were made for you

 In them you will find your Love

         you will find your Joy

they will bring peace, compassion

gentleness, goodness, generosity

   kindness, patience, and faith

     you can trust they will always

     seek every goodness for you

          they will fill your every


             Without them

          the World would be

              a cold place

                in deed

November 2014 C Michael Miller





You are all together desirable

and so my soul longs for you

hold me close don’t let me go

I need to know your love is true


I had not thought possible

this kind of love to know

the kind that people dream of

of our origins ages ago


More beauty than hanging gardens

or the wonders of seven worlds

nor crafting by the hands of men

fallen it’s heights were hurled


Like the rain in desert places

and dew in a thirsty land

desire avidly your own embrace

and be led by your own hand


Drink from the well inexhaustible

the everlasting spring of joy

whose word is rooted in virtue

which hatred would seek to destroy


A cistern in the desert deep

an oasis in parched land set

you draw the hearts of multitudes

lest the setting of love they forget


Like well-watered resting places

where the fountains of the deep

saturate the flowering meadows bloom

whose treasuries our memories keep

COPYRIGHT © 2013 C Michael Miller

via Duboff Law Group LLC





My Beloved is lofty

            and exalted

his throne sets in the crag

          on the mountain

I am the sea that laps at his feet

his voice is many thunders

          when he sings

          my turbulence is eased to peace

he has bountifully filled my depths

his winds draw my waters to himself

where my affections are the downpour

that fills all his rivers and lakes

which are released again to my shores

          where we are joined in perpetuity

Sun and shadow are his resting places

      he haunts the trails of the ibex

        chases the mountain ewes to the valleys

          he walks the untouched ranges

             I contemplate his movements in time

my beloveds heart      is the vastness       of the wilderness

     and I rest at the edges      of his boundry

          I wait for him

          to view me from the heights

          answer my waves for his attentions

          where I caress his foothills

          and his embrace stirs up the sands


His movements are effortless

          ceaseless and ever awake

          to the needs of his domain

the bounties of his devotions are

          the true provisions of life

          his generosity is unmatched

          his reason always true

I am distressed without him near

he is fully vibrantly alive

and desirable of heart

          I have found abandon of affections

          ours is a devotion possessed of truth

realized only in a single rejoin

of voices lifted in praise

for the gifts of life with love

          His father has given him a kingdom

          those betrothed shall serve by his side

          his treasury is full

rejoicing and delight are his company

his fondness with the children of mankind

          and favor has lifted our hearts

          no longer anchored to the depths

                         but able to soar like the mists

                                 that water the valley floors

                                          able to ride the gentle breezes

where sun , earth , wind , and water

                               have created abundance


Sources Psalms Proverbs Song Of Solomon Ecclesiastes

COPYRIGHT © 2011 C Michael Miller



C. MICHAEL MILLER. Poetry of Providence. Voracious reader, love ancient Historians and tracing ideology and belief systems, , love people of every sort even if I don't agree on lifestyle makes for good study and introduction to new ideas that of course must be researched. Profound interest in philosophy, art, science, history, and the great teachers whose words of wisdom have been so deftly passed down in time, complicated, temperamental, simple, thoughtful, inquisitive, love the deep woods and all of nature from earth to universe. Research on anything I want to learn, exploring new areas love the back roads into the hills, writing and screaming on paper. People watching, inciting others to think,

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