Sunday, October 1, 2023





You nourished

me with words

tailor-made to fit

Your narcissism


They looked

for shelter

between heaven and earth



in space time

they fell inertly



the stone floor

at the foot of the sanctuary

of my dreams


Your Thoughts Like Wild Stallions


Your thoughts

like Wild stallions

no longer

stay tethered

At time sthey snort

bounce off from the shore

clench their hooves



I look at them

Through windows of rain

Arranie an image

from shattered pieces


Maybe overtime

I shall make them tamed

treat to a cube of salt

and then I shall leash them

like little dogs

take for an evening walk

along the paths of my fate

take for an evening walk

along the paths of your will


Love Is A Burning Forgetfulness

Of All Other Things

Victor Hugo


Love me

in heaven

and in hell



in the sun

and in sudden pouring rain



in Thoughts


and Deeds


All signs

on earth





ANNA CZACHOROWSKA was born in Warsaw. She graduated from the Warsaw University. She is a member of Polish Writers’ Union, a member of the Board of Association for the Promotion of Polish Creative Output, a member of Polish Authors’ Association, a member of Movimiento Poetas del Mundo, and also a member of Slavic Academy of Literature and Arts in Bulgaria. She publishes eight books of poetry: I Was the Rose of Your Winter, Touching Happiness, Love Knockedat the Door, Before the Sun Descends the Slope,17 Ljóð, In the Anteroom of Dreams, In the Anteroom of Dreams– Polish-English edition, With an Outstretched Wing– Polish-English-Spanish. They were published in numerous Polish poetry anthologies and included in the Anthologies of Polish Authors’ Association. Her poems also appeared in international literary magazines, e.g. in AZAHAR literary magazine in Spain. Her works were translated in to Russian, English, Spanish, Bulgarian, Romanian, Belorussian, Slovak, Serbian, Italian, Greek, Telugu and in to Icelandic (a whole book: 17 Ljóð). In 2016 and 2017, Anna Czachorowska’s poems with Her biographical note were published in the Anthology of World Poets (Una Antologia Anual de Poetas del Mundo). In the years 2018-2021 her poems appeared in Anthologies which were the outcome of Poetry Festivals in Russia, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and India. In May 2011, she was awarded the Honorary Decoration for Merit to Polish Culture by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. In May 2017, she received Gloria Artis Bronze Medal from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. In October 2022, Anna Czachorowska received the Honorary Decoration of PolishWriters’ Union for distinguished service to this organization.



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