Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Romeo Della Valle


Thoroughly and magically blended,
To caress my ears as intended,
Through beauty and sounds,
In defense, it softly rebounds!
An angel and a classical violin,
The century's concerto begins,
Plays like one hundred and one,
A million stars around the Sun!
Soothing my heart and mind,
Finally leaving sorrow behind
By helping me forget the past,
Only the good memories last!
An angel with streaming hair,
A beauty that lovingly stares,
Sparkling eyes, baby soft skin,
She orchestrated sounds again!
Her unique heartbeat clearly cast,
A conductor's baton circles fast,
We awake from a too real dream,
I rise up to the top in that dream!
New York's Philharmonic Symphony
Is where the Angels plays in harmony,
Her bow glides softly over the strings
With a sound of joy she sings!
A wish or dream, it is about reality,
Poetically, God's only soul for me,
Sadly every night the dream begins,
There is no angel behind the violin!
The Sun rises, I go about my day,
Her melancholy glows,guides the way
Anxious for darkness to begins,
Lovely dreams will come again!

(c) Romeo Della Valle 

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