Tuesday, September 1, 2015


 Larbi Houmaidi


You are
Never ask why I love you,
the rays of the sun slanted across my heart
Just accept me, I don't like doll in my arms
you are the missing piece of my heart.
I could live a thousand lives without you,
if destiny killed my dream.
I love you more today than yesterday,
but less today will than tomorrow.
Many stars in the sky, but only your radiant which takes me.
Want to see you every day everytime
when I look at a rainbow it reminds me of you
My love is starting at forever and ending at never.
I love you, not because of what you have
but because of what I feels.
You are the moon in my night, the waves in my ocean dream.
I will never regret, I loved You!

Larbi Houmaidi

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