Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Roula Pollard


Along oceans I sail, along continents for centuries I walk
In search of a voice, in discovery of a soul,
Until our voices, our vision, our routes unite.

To fight against the darkness of time,
To dilute hate piled up during eons,
To prevent fear from penetrating our cells,
To close the gap of the man-made abyss,
To remove death’s wings flying over us,
Masked as nuclear weapons.

Oh You! Unknown to me then, became beneficent,
Your silence eloquent, eliminating distance of continents…
Till your sigh’s echo broke the storm of indifference.
I overcame with inner strength illness, pain, loneliness
Humanity's strength I learned from you.
Along oceans I sailed, along continents I walked barefoot,
In search of a voice and soul.
In the springs of courage, in search of earth and food
I met myself in you.

Within your justice give me shelter,
See the starvation of my countrymen,
Remind the world of what it knows.

Who protects unprotected orphans, 
Helps swollen bodies to sooth their angry wounds?

Yet, a glowing vision grows stronger by the hour.
God walks on our land, stretches above the plains of our hearts
Like a giant protective screen, extending hope to the horizon,
Narrowing the distance between divided hearts,
Killing the disguised demon of poverty,
Exterminating all opposition against His guardian heart.
Unknown to me in the past, you are one blood with me
On this journey
Our tongues taste both vinegar and honey.
Together we toil as saliva and tongue for humanity
Until we walk the land of Reason and Compassion.
© Roula Pollard

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  1. Trying to find more poems of yours,dear Lady, I opened this page here which I find so interesting.