Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Vladimir Petrosanec


When a woman wear's red - she is vulnerable.
Require's the strength of a man made of steel.
When a woman wear's red - she will - stir your heart
Mess with your head - because she need's to feel ~
Beware the woman in Red ~
Dreams are not made in bed.
Perhaps you'll consider a dance floor~
Take her hand - go for a walk by the sea-shore instead ~
By the light of the moon - and the stars in the sea
The sound of guitars that drift from some place
She will mess with your brains , turn you stupid
It's the dress - not her breasts, or her face !
Tonight the breeze - drift's in from the tropical sea
At her feet - a blossom lay's still
Like a gift from the Gods, it was simply there
A little something - I prepared earlier, for her thrill ~
Sharing the stale air in a passionate embrace
Forgetting the world - all the reasons why this is so wrong !!!
Waste deep in the ocean - connected at the hips
YOU would not believe it Man !!! She - break's into a song .
Haunting and beautiful - a song every Siren knows
That lure they use on us men - a magic spell.
Though you may believe that, this heaven is real,
She will show you the dark side of Hell.
Vlado Magic ~
Vladimir Petrosanec

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