Tuesday, September 1, 2015




Gasping for air, she tries to
break free of being held down.
She yearns to go back to simpler
She got away as fast as she could,
off to a new chapter in her life.
She loved her work but did get
Falling asleep exhausted at
night, listening to those familiar
sounds of home. The country
music, would help her to calm
down just long enough to
Endless lonely nights. She kept
to herself, being shy and unable
to become attached to anyone
or anything.
Sad, yes it was but we all get
hit by slamming doors, held
captive by the invisible chains
of those who may want to control
She was very much in love with him.
It didn't happen right away but
over time. He cheered her up
and made her feel wanted for
She didn't remember when it changed.
Suddenly that wall of protection
around her had been stripped, the last
wall that hid her, came crumbling down.
The decision was made to leave.
She completed her duties. Now
there was no one left who
who needed her.
She became tired, so tired that she
even asked God to take her. Instead,
he sent her on a quest to find herself.
He would no longer manipulate her,
pulling her strings, tossing her
away like a stuffed animal with no
more stuffing in her. He tried to take it
Breaking free, she woke up, the sweet
smell of the citrus trees and flowers
around her. She became beautiful
again. She was able to breath,
again. There would be no more
suffocating by him.

Sheena Mosier.

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