Tuesday, September 1, 2015




Let him allow his senses, to unleash and to feel
Let him tonight allow to beg borrow and steal
For he has for long kept them under leash as much
Today let him just smell, then see, hear and also touch.

Her aroma permeates through his nostrils and sinks in
There along his midriff the throbbing in the loins begin
Feeling the scent of her nakedness in his tightening stem
There begins his feel of hunger growing by inches then.

His bulge in the briefs she can now no longer ignore
The swing in her hips shows her deep desire for amour
Fiendish fingers behind unhook her, readying for the fuck
Like ripened mangoes she offers boobs for him to suck.

Feeling her moist lips upon his and her thighs press
Firmness of his hands around her butt to possess
Ah! The taste of her sweet nipples pink and taut
Oh she was so wet, her flower he plucked he thought

She shivered in ecstasy her clit gushing yet untouched
Thrusting his tongue in her G spot she was searched
Like fish gasps for breath her tongue too lolled in
Down his wash board belly she sucked him to sin.

“I need more of you, more than just a gentle peck,
Tease me, seduce me, lick and bite me on my neck”
Hear her moan and whimper as she so demanded
On her round bottoms lashes one by one then landed.

Ah! devouring the pain asking for more and more
Her rhythmic motions, through his thighs just tore
She was hungry and like woman on a mission
His staff encircled tight, enduring the emission

Tumbling up and down and changed positions
His Lava on the verge of her pussy’s wet infusion
Oh My, Oh God, Oh No, Oh Yes, the horse now canters
Sound of fury in crescendo as his shaft slips and enters.

Now listen to the music that wafts through air
Listen to his sinews singe with hers with flair
Listen to the falling rain as they now entwine
Patting and petting, clinging like a tree to a vine.
Joy Jottypoet

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