Tuesday, September 1, 2015




I swear I wasn't ready
See, I feared that you would let me
Open up and then reset me
Slow it up and then reject me
Once I was ahead of time
Once 1 in your female line
Our 1st date I saw right through
What you were able to do
Saw that you were capable
So, I kept on dating you
1st, we were relating to
Then, we'd start debating through
Topics between me and you
There were clues I looked right through
Used to date, go out and eat
Now, I wait...
We seem discreet
I felt you, thought you felt me
Gave a hug as you smelt me
I would shrug as you'd melt me
Didn't want to let it show
Now, emotions won't let go
Not my man, but thought you'd be...
M husband, me...
Your wife to be
Now, I see it's unlikely
Can't bank on what we might be
I just wanted to sight see
Went too fast
I must contrast
My past
And, things that need to last
There's other grounds with greener grass
You say it's not me it's you
Tell me what am I to do?
Holding onto stuck energy
It's insult to injury
Love I want to give is stuck
Well...except the times we fuck
Now, you recommend we chill
Just have fun, hide how I feel.

Shatieka Ross

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