Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Annwesa Abhipsa Pani

My viability crumbled down,
Just in an instant.
Your  barbarous hands ,
Took off my modest chastity.

A rabble of birds
With their sweet nothings
Sit on my branch.
I covered them up
All day and night
With my motherly embrace
I sing and make them to slumber.

I coated my preserved sufferings
On my naked bark.
And continued spreading
My gathered happiness to all.

Engraving me in their arms
Amusing in my charms,
Sleeping on my lap,
I scattered my fragrance.
And the innocent birds
Rested on my shadow.

On a cruel morning that day
They marched towards me.
With their all vigour,
Killed my heart out.
Snatched my green
Leaves ,fruits and flowers
And my brown raw trunk.

The tired laborers
Could find my breast pair
Even in the evil darkness.

Now,I am astripped off helpless tree.
Having nothing to cover my face
And my ravaged body .
I,in shame
Leaned down for a time.
Joined my hands in despair.
“Oh god!
Forgive them.
They are the tired laborers
With the hunger
The hunger of money.

Spreading nectar
Is whose duty.
Leading the path of renunciation
Is whose responsibility.

The path finder to the high seas
Can never be tired.
shall never be helpless
And put on vengeance.
Again shall stand up
To hold
The tired laborers
Into her embrace.

She has to stand up
She has to compile up
The fruits and flowers.

Yes,my body shall again
Be filled
With the divine nectar.
My family shall again revive
With the birds’ laughter.

Annwesa Abhipsa Pani,

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