Monday, February 1, 2016


Ann Palmer


Dollop, Trollop, Gallop

He wrapped a snake falling into the sea in ancient Elohim, but aware that the murky municipality had a sea till you drop……….
Lady June bug is at your disposal. N’Yq (N-Yajk) skipped the skies of Dawn.
Magical, Mystical, Magnificent! Oh Cosmia you magic Mynxx!!
Footpaths are spectator to the rampaging crowds. Sometimes  treacherous.
The dynasty is composed of societies with paved with chippings.
As If Vegas were laying odds on the naming of the I-95  Conduit
Radha and Gopis besieged with gems.
Crowd noises.
Mughals from whence they came?


I found myself careening down a hill at 110 mph.
Downhill out of control
Bike going 110 mph headed straight into a vortex called Shady Acres ~~ The Rabbit Hole

The Biosphere elicits Roots Conjure Woman.
Her Words a Mighty Sword


Rejoice with me!  For I have found my daughter who was lost. Once dead but she lives again and carries our Nations seedling.  The whorls of her fingertips are Cosmos rebirthed again and again.

My Sister from Africa once lost to me has now been regained. And I shall defend her and the girl child within with all that is within me. Her Womb Temples is Blessed for Ages.

We shall not be separated again. The time of injustice is over, finished & done! Every wrong shall be made right for Mother Africa has brought us together for a time such as this.

Our ancestors rose up from Middle Passage Seas & Oceans tying together all our umbilical chords.

Word has spoken Ethiopia shall rise again! We have been gathered together from every shore. There is fear no more. Only courage at hand. And the Babe leapt for Joy in Her Holy Womb. Ase My SiStar. Ase.

DeBorah Ann Palmer
Proverbs 31: 10-30
Espiritu en Fuego

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