Monday, February 1, 2016




I wonder how you painted your portrait in my canvas,
The shades of coloured ink...
From your brush smeared me with blushes,
The dimple in my cheeks unable to hide my feelings of pink,
Slowly you placed a position prime in my rhyme,
I forgot myself,
Thinking of you at times,
Last when we met the ripples of our heart flutter to fly,
To the horizon high to merge ourselves in deep of sky,
The moment I lost in your embrace a fire spark broke my closet,
Renewed me with your magical power in grace,
I smile and hide my glow but it reflected in my red cheeks with its shades blow,
Today my joyous and spirited ride got your wings to fly,
Your voice so dear eager to hear can wait and spare hours to engross in chatting sphere.
Hours we chat still our heart miss our hearts.........
Speaks the volume of words, the only thing lingers in my chart,
That we are in love, never to be part in dream or prank.


While peeping through my heart, I found it safely playing its part,
There I traced a tangled coir of tormented thoughts in a web,
I saw tons of love, hatred, jealousy, encircling the heart's way,
Disheartened I moved out ,...
But my curiosity dragged me to peep again,
Found a soft tone beeping to crawl out,
With innocent smile n twinkling eye, gently whispered on my earlaps words of peace n friendship,
I touched her slippery hands, n slowly tied my best to drag out,
She captivated me with her charm n stretched her hands for a friendly wire,
My hesitation she could realise ,then promised me that i will never be alone in this firm,
Cheerfully n faithfully I followed her to sway,

Then I heard the knock again, with a softer tone buzzing from reddish ray,
Heard a faint voice of compassion, sympathy,
At last fear gripping out from the heap,,
Astonishingly I surrendered myself,
Regained to sense with the beat of courage dear's chirp,
She pulled me out ,saying without me you are out,
Every where you need myself to crop out, so be my friend forever,
Now my reverie broke to pieces, pulled out myself from bed, checked my heart intact in its place.


When your Jingle pinged my Pusillanimous cover to light,
Jimjam emotions burst out like a nova to sprout bright,
words hypnotise me to dream of you day and night,
You broke my pupa shield with a ray of sunlight,...
Now my convivial spirit ready to fly upright,
With your hand to guide me from everyone's sight,
But your response is slight,
Perhaps engrossed so much in work plight,
Still i wish you to be my guide to pave my stride from puddled spite,
So then i can bloom with pleasure delight