Monday, February 1, 2016


Rebecca Villanueva


Come dance with me
Let me discover the fire
In your fiery steps
Let me see the temper in the tempo
Of your moves
Seduce me with
Your rhythmical swings
Led me to the crescendo
Of the music that I heared
In your sighs
Oh, come
Dance with me
My darling
Dance with me
And let's jump till high
Goes higher
Let the blaze be carried much
Higher till your vigor
Be reduced to Whispering sigh
Nobody but you
Could led me to the glorious
Oh come my darling!

Do come
And dance with me

By Rebecca Richter
Copyright 2016


I  walked alone
But not lonely
For in my paths laid beautiful
Wild flowers and trees
Talking to me
While breeze whispered
Songs with soothing tunes
That make my soul dance
And make me whole and happy
I love going up the hill tops
And over those beautiful mountains
It will sometimes rob you
off your breath but there
The reward is breathtaking
And with wide panoramic view
You'll have the feeling
you're in heaven and
God seems so near
You can't help it but say
A little silent prayer of thanks
That you are so alive
And with nature
You're one!

Rebecca Villanueva
Copyright 2016


There's a beautiful
Gentle rose
Enconce in her lonely
Darkness that lives within
Entrapped and enslaved
In her complicated world
Made worst by the raging war
In her homeland
She sees a glimmering
Light she wants to reach
But found out
It was only a phantom
A specter that do not exist
She tried to reach
This elusive vision
And conceded
That it is only
A very deceptive illusions
That she can do without
So here she is
Staring at nothingness
A lovely rose
Entangled and entrapped
By the thorns
That she built within herself
And she will be waiting
For the right time
To fight
For she knows that only
Her will to fight
Will she be freed from
Her darkness within

 Rebecca Villanueva
Copyright 2016

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