Monday, February 1, 2016




When lunar phases completes its edges,
And luminous it shall be at the horizon,
Billions shall sparkle above to pave the way,
It is then we shall meet in our cosmic flare.

Destiny it is bounded for the epilogue,
Gold and silver shall be the spotlight,
It is then we shall dance to the divine tune,
Breaking the rules for a new level to rise.

Time it shall be just right for the finis,
For the Divine intervene shall guide,
Ceaseless spirit shall dis-armour the distance,
Smooth with a breathtaking lift we shall strike.

Heart shall illuminate as it meets,
Melting into a countless cheer,
Hand in hand shall fortune pile,
Gaping in a spectacular sphere.


I see color,
I see race,
I see the divides,
Emerging between you and me;

I see the differences
As we speak,
I see how rich you are,
I see how penniless I am,
and what more?

But when I close my eyes,
I am blind,
I see not the color,
That your skin reflects,
I see not the race,
To which you belong,
I see not how rich,
Or how poor
All I "Feel" is...
You and Me.

You, whose money spills out of your pockets,
I feel no richness;
You, whose gods divide,
I feel no virtue,
You, who rule in the name of class,
I feel no government,
All I "see" is a poor State.
Heartless masses moving in chaos.

But in all the chaos,
I still feel,
I feel some richness,
Pouring in with love,
Evolving out of the muddy waters,
And out of the dirt;
They come,
I feel their rich heart ever so kind,
And I know I am,
I exist
A Human in humanity.


It is not what is promised at the end,
That my hopeful eyes look for,
For what the summit bears,
is but a fantasy to hold,
and nothing more.

Each step that I have come up
And look back again,
Makes me see who I was,
And who I am now.

Dreams of future bright,
was but only a bubble,
That had busted each time,
I wanted to catch hold.

But now with all my experiences,
going step by step I learned,
Life is a wonderful present,
If only we relish each moment,
To live and blend in turn.


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  1. Awesome /girlfriend.. this is wonderful poetry as always.. so proud of you..