Monday, February 1, 2016


Deborah Brooks Langford


There they were
Firmaments beneath the earth
A Single Kiss changing into seasons~

Rhythms of light
Folding all around
Her body heaven bound
Contracts of life
Singing Halleluiah
Great souls fill her song
Her vision
Simply with love~

Beneath these clouds
Of happiness
With loving so adorned
Tears of loneliness
Since he went away~

Longing for the love of him
Beneath these clouds so grey
Her beauty
Doesn’t shine
Like it once had so many times before
Her wings soar the heavenly skies
Of blue~

On this day of days
Running to find her mind
With Him in the heavens adorned
Beneath the clouds so new~


Waiting, breathing
Staring into the open space
She's expecting her prince any day now, her knight in shining Armor~

With her Pumpkin Carriage
Singing mice and Fairy Godmothers
There she goes
She's slipping off to her Cinderella land
She is Luscious Baby~

She knows his breathtaking name
She knows his Godly face
She knows she loves him
She knows her prince is only a dream~

Two years in the making
Her fantasies of him
Maybe one day being hers
Could they be coming true?
Would it matter so?
Her jumping into those arms
The ones that would set her free
What a handsome face
That is all she needs to see~

His whispers on her skin
Send shivers down her spine
The face she would remember
She’s so glad it's still hers~

He's the Prince she loves so
The one her life needs
He's her fairy tale come true,
Or at least in her Cinderella dreams~


Beautiful tears flowing oh so gently
Set deep blue like morning dew
That lasts till dawn, receiving with armsthat you cannot resist Bountiful charmswith tears that wash away, temper as hotas the Flaming snow~

How she wanders with her faithful steps of life
Over limitless vastness of the universe
Pathless and dangerous use of her muse
She wonders with desperation her space to be
Emerged in loneliness and thorny bushes that prick
Her very soul~

Those blue eyes loved so very deep
She rises to the top totally enchanted
To visit his world one more time
Her lovely blue eyes
Like a child on the charades in her prime~

A gloomy earth she did perceive but a lover brings her
Full bloom to a world of glorious new beginnings
A world that loved and cried BLUE TEARS~

Deborah Brooks Langford @ January 9, 2016

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  1. thank you for all you do for us Poets.. You make us known and we are shown encouragement and so much excitenment in our lives..