Monday, February 1, 2016



The curfew signals man to remain indoors
He will be safe indoors
Is he so?
Who is safe when some can ignite riots,
Both inside and outside?
Who is safe?
Children?  Woman? Man? Dalit?
Even,  foetus?

We say we are free
Are we so?
Beautiful words enough to lure us
There is law for every wrong
There is justice
There is equality
There is fraternity
But only in paper.

Experiments with many ‘isms’
Nothing succeeds
This is democracy
This is capitalism
This is kingdom
But in constant fear do we live.

“I love you!” lovers chant
But with only holes in words
They do not know
Their love is simply drained off
Before it’s born.

Who is at the centre?
No one
All remain in the peripheries
Craving to be at the centre.
We have too many leaders
And followers too.
No God or godly thought at the centre
When are we going to live by revelation,
And not by our ego?
The battles must be won inside
To keep off the war outside

Aniamma Joseph

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