Thursday, September 1, 2016




My gun clattered, bodies battered, dreams shattered and my reason tattered
Love and compassion forgotten, my mind has grown weeds of sheer hatred
I can not laugh or cry, I feel neither joy nor sad,and I have lost the capacity to think
My body has become a cage,I feel no pain, I walk like a zombie and my world is full of stink

My mind is a wasteland filled with visions of incredible horror, my brain is numb
I am remote controlled , I have no remorse, I remember only press the trigger with my thumb
I am not a lone lunatic, there are many of my kind ,dead of emotions, just going through the motions
Terror is my religion, only addiction to kill and no one can cure my disease not any doctor's potion

Bullets and grenades, to me they gave, to destroy the humanity, the path I was asked to pave
With pots of money I was lured, to kill and turn this beautiful world in to a biggest sullen grave
I created widows, I created orphans, cursed by all, I am scum on this earth and Satan's slave
Hated world over, a terrorist I am, fallen in the eyes of and God,belong only to crime's conclave

I neither can live nor die in peace, when I stop breath, the day of judgement how can I face?
All those young, old, men, women and innocent children whom I killed and brought my parents disgrace
We wage unholy war and in the name of God or Allah, we annihilate the world with love He did create
Enemies of humanity and for us hate knows no limit, we are a tribe of loathed ones no one like to procreate

© K.Radhakrishnan


When heaven intends to do some mighty thing,

He maketh a poet, not a great valiant king,

Is this divine blessings alone maketh a good poet?

Or ingenuity, imagination and dreams, that he owes it?

A poet is distinguished from other gifted and worthy men,

By greater power of expression that flows from his pen,

The poet thinks and feels in the spirit of human passions,

He puts more heart than head in his poetic creations.

It is the spontaneous overflow of his powerful thoughts and feelings,

The inquisitive mind,that gives command of projecting a thought or feeling,

It is not rhyming and versing alone that maketh a great and versatile poet,

It is just like a long black coat alone does not make a good and famous advocate.

Beauty, the spirit of joy and hilarity the poet showers over this universe,

From his cheerful and virtuous heart, he weaves words in to a fine verse,

Roses which make our senses delight with their colors and odors are products of cultivation

A poetry, is a result of continued quest for cultivating inner character by self motivation

Portia, the model of virtuous loveliness or Cleopatra, the symbol of sensuousness

Would not have attained their immortal glory and such definite credibleness

Had Shakespeare been not possessed by a mad fit of passion backed by emotion
It is the mixture of all these qualities that makes a poetry a delightful elixir potion.
© K.Radhakrishnan



Oh, ungrateful sons of caring mother earth, driven by your selfishness and greed,

You ripped her up, drilled her soul, broken her bones and left her to bleed,

Once she was green, once she was blue, through her veins flew rivers that were clean,

You made her grey,turned her beauty in to a graveyard, and robbed much of her sheen.

Smoke and smog, sludge and waste,pollute her sky and pollute her crystal clear lakes,

You exploited her much,to the threshold of extinction, still you never take any breaks,

She provided you a life, she provided you a home, a home to all beautiful plants and birds,

Stop this now, stop this for your own sake, lest you are digging your grave, mark my words.

Have you not heard "Hurt of Nature is the hurt of all, and the honor of Nature is the honor of all" ?

Will you continue to walk in the destructive path to hurt Nature to bring about your own downfall?

The decision is for you to take before it is too late, for your Mother Earth is in a very critical state,

Global warming, acid rains, flash floods, and climate change are the challenges we face to date.

Reduce, reuse and recycle is the urgent call that all of us need to pay our utmost attention,

Flashy cars can make way to buses, and metro trains to commute from home to work station,

Carrying a beautiful cloth or jute bag with bright colors can surely enhance your graceful look ,

The cheap polythene bags thrown as waste kill millions of birds, whales,seals and cause wreck

With unprecedented unified action, we can forge ahead in our grand and noble mission,

To free our ecosystems from air, land and water pollutions and industrial toxic emission,

Let us reduce needless consumption of resources to lead a life of simplicity and humility,

Let us resolve to restore the harmony and balance of life for the preservation of humanity.