Thursday, September 1, 2016




Life is a moving journey,let it flow,
Sometimes moments run fast,Sometimes slow.
But time waits for none,
So just get up and have fun.

Don't look here and there,
Don't search love everywhere.
Let your soul be at peace,
Then all things will be at ease.

You will find that peace within you,
Which you always wished to knew.
Let your heart be in control
While the mind takes a stroll.

Relax,take a deep breath,
Remember life leads to death.
So let go of the worries,
And make new stories.

Let your body be controlled by your mind,
Deep inside your soul the solace you may find.
Life does gets better,
If you become a trendsetter.

So leave all earthly pleasure and greed,
And lets strive to become a peaceful creed.
Find the peace inside you,
And see life turning anew.


Today as my thoughts begin to fly,
The day when i die,
Burn me and bring my ashes home,
As my soul wanders and roam.

Dig my ashes in the ground,
Draw a circle round.
Now plant a flowering tree,
Let my spirits set free.

Water the plant everyday,
It will make you happy and gay,
When the flowers begin to bloom,
It will bring you joy and waive the gloom.

Caress and touch the leaves,
See what a magic it weaves,
When you hold a flower in your hand,
It will take you to the fantasy land.

You will feel im living alongwith you,
It will rekindle the sparks you always knew.
The tree with its rich endeavor,
Will make our love live forever.



We met ,we mate,
But departure was in our fate.
Not all love ends in a happy tone,
Sometimes we are meant to stay alone.

So leave no cursed feelings for the one who is gone,
Remember we have to die as we are born.
So let not anyone bruise or wound your heart,
Everytime you can make a fresh start.

So come lets fall in love again,
Cherish all happiness and the pain.
Loving someone has all its charm,
Be it chilled pain or the love so warm.

Just take it smooth and easy,
One needs to be a bit choosy.
But then again there is no rule set for love,
Coz,its pure and innocent as a dove.

True love never have happy ending
Who knows who might be next standing?
No one can be specified as a lover true,
One has to pass so many tests through.

Just let the flow come and go,
Whatever remains with you is the one you should know.
That special one is made for you,
Treasure him/her,because these are the ones who are very few.



  1. Nice lines, indeed! Bbest wishes for a wonderful future!

  2. My sweet Angel and her awesome Poetry.. Always love to read your beautiful poetry..