Thursday, September 1, 2016




I am not just too old
To look forward to life
Its beauty and grandeur
I am not young enough either
To be in any one's dream
Or anyone to be in mine
Life was spent in vain
In weaving and fulfilling
Dreams of others
I realized it
But late
When half the life
Was in the ashtray
I know
How painful and agonizing
It is
To carry the burden
Of hopes and aspirations
Which are not your's
How foolish it is to expect
Your unrealised dreams realised
Through someone else
How difficult
It is to walk on the path of life
Loosing and forgetting
One's identity,whims and fancies
Beyond a limit
Man is all alone
For he fancies the most
To live in his secluded world
So different from
His loved one's
I am not the one
To confine to a solitary asylum
Or to live in a fool's paradise
Brooding over the past
I know
The new sun,fresh and lively
Is about to rise on the horizon
And I am
For the first time
Not under any one's spell
With all my freedom and detachment
Let me cherish all that is true and beautiful
And look at life
Its splendor and elegance
Once more


Let me live my life
The way you lived it
With all love and passion
Far from today's rational world
In the beauty of nature
Let me enjoy my early childhood
Relish every bit of it
The way you did
In your good old days
Let me dance and play
Fly in the beautiful world
Of prince and princesses
Fairies and ghosts
And let me have all those moments
Which once you had
Just do not make me
A prisoner of your unrealized dreams and aspirations
Do not make me an oblation
In your sacrificial rituals
To go up and up
In the ladder
Which never ends
I am just another kid
Like those in the hamlet
I envy them
Envy their lives
Envy everything
They have
The carefree life
That freedom and open childhood
Which I do not have
I fell suffocated
When I find my childhood in chains
Give me that breathing space
To breathe
And look at the world
As it is
Even for a while
I ever doubt
Your love, affection and
Concern to see me at the top
But for a moment
Just get me out of the seclusion
The heap of books
The monotonous life
The values of the larger society
The burden of hopes and ambitions
Just enable me to have a glimpse
At childhood
It's beauty, charm and elegance


A look at life is incomplete
Without a look at death
A peep into its mystery
Its science
Language and chemistry
No doubt
Life is beautiful
But death is still more beautiful
More enchanting more bewitching
For it makes life full and
Gives once more a chance
To look at life and go ahead
In the path of eternity
If life is a feast
Death is sheer poetry
An artist's dream
Who makes an art of life
If life is a sojourn
Death is a station
Where one gets down
Look at himself and
Prepares for the journey
Anew and afresh
To have a go at the destination
Ultimate and inevitable
The beauty of life
Lies in a beautiful death
Which puts an end
To those toiling days
Agonising nights
The predicaments and contradictions
The unfulfilled desires
The negative emotions
Acquisitive instincts
Unrealised dreams and broken hearts
Which hunt one all along
And death makes the beast of burden
A man once again
One has to prepare for it
The way one plans and prepares
To live a life
The art of dyeing is more difficult
Than the craft of living
Living requires involvement
Engrossment and a deep sense of attachment
While dyeing needs nothing
Only one has to look back
And analyse the life
He has lived
The relationship
He shared over the years
One has to dive deep into life
To understand
The futility and fragility
Of human relationship
And its obvious limitations
Bound by
Time space and causation
A look into life
Unbiased and unprejudiced
Will show the way
And put an end to all cravings
And will prepare the mind and body
To embrace the beauty of life
With ease
And a smile on lips.