Thursday, September 1, 2016



Night is not as dark as my dream
So I pull night over my head
Draw the blinds, hide night within
Moon makes love to me instead.

Dewdrops on eyelids a misty boon
The cricket chirps me a lullaby
But want to dance to the tune
Of Favonius west wind symphony .

Who wants to sleep?seconds on the run
Don't want to miss out sorcery fun
Gloom polish your shoes, I'm your fate
Moon so very boring,I've changed my date.

Night , sorcery, gloom feel free
You are not as dark and sombre as me
Happily here ,hiding nothing I live
You too are acceptable with your glib.

No place as safe and friendly you can find
Come join me to the milieu of the blind.

Beautiful to my eyes
Gliding  past the high rise
A glowing celestial surprise
An angelic silver disc thus rise...

Removing the dark veil of the night
The soft , charming and modest sight
Mesmerized I follow in delight
Stunning celestial moonlight

Dazzling shinning silver dress
Star sequined delicate lace
Carrying an aura and lunar grace
Cool gentle breeze follows pace

When the world peacefully sleeps
Moon through my window peeps
Move towards the ocean deep
Sorcerously with ocean lock its lips.

Kissing hugging in ardent craze
Warmth of love that all night stays,
Gradually tired as morning haze
Tears of dew drops on parting sheds

Reeked havoc my past mistake
My love genuine ,yours so fake
Reminiscing love that moon and ocean make.
Soaked in moon romance lay awake.

Thunder of passion roared inside
Nobody heard what in heart I did hide
Fuming within , but none to confide
Unspoken words silently  died.
©nsamanta .

With a mind as clear as the cloudless sky
With my aimlessly roving eye
I seek the naked and virgin nature
The wilderness allure me to its core
In darkness I walk on an asphalt road.
Each step in sync with my heart echoed
Trudging and wading I keep moving across
Like a desperate southern albatross .
Destined, I reach a band of sand
Between the angry sea and placid bay
My latent  soul merge with the tranquil blue.
A ripple of joy waver with the each ruffle anew
Serene in the midst of turbulence flow
My roving eyes follow.....
On the horizon soul meets a beautiful dream
Love under the starlit sky joyously beam
Stay until the break of the day
Then silently sneak  away .
Unaware of how and why it dwindled
Still drunk in kiss and warmth get swindled
As reality slowly sink........
My world slowly shrink
I slowly die , slowly my roving eye ceases to blink.


  1. wow great writing really you natural poetess my dear friend Nandita-god bless you dear

  2. I read "Dark is not Dark" attentively and I feel that really everything depends on our perception and not the bare physical truth. Night which is synonymous with darkness may be so bright, illuminating, and full of lìfe and joy depending on the mood of the subject.

    A great creativity having lots of innovations in terms of theme as well as technique.

    1. My sincere thanks Mr.Amrendra Sharma for your kind read and response. Please keep reading and supporting . Love and regards!