Thursday, September 1, 2016




In calm waters of a lake
A sudden turbulence suddenly surged
Causing same simmering and ripples
In my calm mind and heart.

Sudden rush of rippling waves
Touched the petals of the floating lotus
And I saw and felt quivers
In water and my being
As if scared to be broken and washed away
From Existence.

I thought my existence is
Like the lotus in the lake
Created and set into quivers
Like my own heart in Love.

Water and mist splashed on petals of lotus
Appeared as dew drops on blades of grass
On petals they began to twinkle and shine
As little stars receiving and encaging Light within
And that appeared as shy of a virgin.
And this sent in me waves of susurrus so symphonic

Looking at these waves and quivering in lotus petals
Same turbulence I felt within me
Similar waves as in petals of the lotus
Causing  quivers in  my heart
Causing strange sensations
Into my soul and mind
Sensations so sensuous and sensational.

I felt same turbulence too
Same as the Lotus in the water of the Lake
I was not at calm too !!
I felt someone was touching strings of my heart
Touching strings of my soul.
Why so, I think but don't know why !!!


Treachery is roaming about
Vulturous and virulent eyes glare
Don't know from where death strikes

Moments before where kids danced
Skipping ropes vibrate with laughter
In arms of romance smiles exchanged
Flowery colors flew in air in waves
All merry making as in funfair.

Now there we see scattered bodies
Bleeding limbs, tissues and bones
Looking at onlookers with awe
Asking who disintegrated all present.

Who has called vultures
We see circling around
Waiting to tear the remains.

Cries are high in air
Voices have turned into screams
Cheers into sobs,
Why, Why, Why this vision of terror
We are forced to see while weeping.

–Poem on "Save Environment"

Trees are shaking violently
Their heads striking each others
Unnatural falls fall with spades and saws
Cracking, breaking, shedding we hear
Whispering winds whisper the coming clamity
Live moments of living lives crawl fast in awe
All sit huddled expecting huricane any time

Don’t make them extinct by slow death
By pisonous touches of tongues trigered around
Biting with fangs and teeth sure will cause
Boils caused by infectious intake
Don’t inject poison in the womb of mother earth
Whispering winds convey message
Asking us not to involve in mass murders
By vicious whims of serpentine venom.
Don’t kill the jungles or jungles will kill you
Sure they will bite back
Their furious fires engulf all  around that exists
That will be caused by their rubbing and striking heads.
Hear,what whispering winds convey
Or be ready to face the doomed end of disaster.

The wind asked the rain drop
Go and be a stream.
The drop streamed and called back
Blow to give life breath to the living.
Sun asked the spray of the Spring
Open your arms to embrace the rainbow
The Spring pressed the rainbow to the heart
And called back," Spread you colors in the universe."
The bee asked the flower
Open up the colorful petals and spread fragrance
The fragrance smiled and called back;
Come and give me kiss of the life blood.
The dream flew to the sky and asked
Give my hope shine of your stars
The stars twinkled and called back
Be truth of the Time and the Dawn.
The hope asked the dove
Fly and spread love and peace
The dove flew around and called back,
Be presence in every suffering eye.


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