Thursday, September 1, 2016




A Lonely Guy Who Is Always Busy In His Own World
Even though he don’t know love yet,
He was never in love -  never had the time
In this busy world.
I think it’s a destiny call
When suddenly girl found him ,
Oh Girl
At first both are strangers
Days passed & time Flies - they became close to each other
Everyday imagining as they were far away from each other
Searching for the new Words to say
Both doesn’t want to change their minds
Because, they want to accept as their were all these days.
As high as the highest star
As shining as the shooting star
They were imagining each other
Speaking to stars
They Talk in everlasting manner with glory words,
Sometimes talks are silly - Funny – Time pass.
Day starts with talk & Ends with talk.
The story begins again and again in same way.
It’s a God Game – We are just toys
As he planned – we played in the same way
Without any proper reason – they are separated now
Now , I can't win
I am lost
I can't rest
I can't fight
I’m Sure - I will never be the same ..
Mr. Lonely ..

Traveling Is Not Just Changing Of Place
It's The Way To Create Memories
As I'm Travelling Now
All I Can See Is My Co - Passengers
Who Are Having Soundless Sleep
But, Here
I'm Not Getting Sleep
Bcz , Some People Travel To Create Memories
Some People Travel To Forget Some Memories
I'm Not Sure Whom I'm
Even Im Not Sure About My Journey
Having A Window Seat In Bus
Passing Through the Cool Breeze Of Wind
Continuously Having A Look At Sky
Specially My Eyes On STARS  
Watching The Stars - Thinking Of You
Silently Speaking To Stars - As We Used To Speak
Seeing The Bright Moon - Makes Me To Think Of Your Beautiful Face
Yes , Again
It Made Me To Think Of You
Yes , I Miss You As You Miss Me Everyday
But, I Wonder About The Destiny Play
Lastly , Yes I'm Traveling
With You Or Without You
But - I Have To Travel With My Life
I'm Not Sure What Tomorrow Brings For Us.
As Of Now - All I Know Is To Travel
As Per My  Destiny Plans I Travel..
( Having A Window Seat In Bus - With Earphones On Playing FAVOURITE Song - Thinking Of Someone ) #Memories .


How Beautiful It Is
Rain Drop Is Truly Like Mother Nature
We Have Different Seasons At Different Times
But We All Fall in Love With Rain
Bcz , Every Drop Of Rain Which Falls On Face
Brings Smile - Every Drop Kisses You In Different Way
Words Are Not Enough To Express Such Feeling
Some Drops Fall On People
Some Drops Fall On Roads
Some Drops On Roof
Some Drops On Trees , Flowers Etc
But , Every Drop Has It's Own Beauty In This World
I Love Nights After Rain
Where I Feel The Cool Breeze , Smell Of Soil .
Monsoon Thoughts Are Hard To Hide
Yes , Every Year I See The Rains At My Door Step But Not Our Love
Everytime It Rains - It Remembers Our Love Has Started Again & Again
Before I Think More It Reminds Me It Just A Wish Or Dream Which Never Happens
So , Rain
O my Beautiful Rain
All I Have Now Is Think Of You Smile & Move Onn..



  1. what wonderful poetry.. always so romantic our prince charming. I am a big fan of yours
    kisses and hugs

  2. Simply wonderful superb Poetry..

  3. this is so beautiful .. I love your poetry..

  4. I am a big fan.. but I am shy. but your poetry is so beautiful but I know you will never talk to me..

    1. Thanks 😊
      Nice To Know That You Like My Writings ,
      I'm Happie To Talk You - Ping Me If Possible 😊😊

  5. Thanks All For Your Lovely Comments - I'm blessed..
    Love You All 😊