Thursday, September 1, 2016




There's something

to teach in the desert- holy words,

not simple words.

'Tis about some thirst.

'Tis about one huge desert,

which is always peopled by

a lot of walkers,

those moribund walkers with small, leaden eyes,

eyes being like lost objects

and really  not useful

at night.

At night,

many, tiny, miscellaneous stars start to shine

in that unique, leaden sky,

but even so,

it is very hard to see around.

Those ancient stars become golden leaders

for those losers walking

and singing heavy songs,

but searching for new pools -

wherever they are elsewhere .

The teacher said, and he said once,

'I'll turn the desert into a pool of water, '-

it is not only about the thirst.

Those dying people

still have a will, but maybe

they all will not lose

all their hope.

At least, they cannot die twice

and they think that they will lose everything


there is nothing left to save.
Marieta Maglas


Your words
kill my reality and divide it
into forgotten fragments

of life - memories.
I am in your arms and I am slowly
taking your shape
until we become

a whole. I really lose myself
inside you. 'Tis night
and it is nothing but

a dream. Love melts everything
in both of us. I want

my metamorphose
to be
irreversible. And words,

only those words
that accompany the act of love,

the reality
completely and totally
into a different one -
a world of two. The seconds are lost.

Become eternal
for the perpetuation
of the moment.

You have been for me
a forgotten deity
on earth- the man. If love
still exists,

it means that
you are still...

that man. No, you're not

a stone god

and yet you are,

and I love you,

and you're not yourself,

and yet you are.

You are aspiring me.
You are aspiring me
until I become only

love inside you. Between

black and white

in the morning,

at dawn,

between night and day,

from black over white
to white over black,

I am
your breath

because you continuously breathe me,
while I
while I.....
What do you think I'm doing all day long?

I'm waiting for you to come again
to me

because of your promise....

Marieta Maglas


The Divine Light
Becomes colored thoughts to frame
Letters and numbers.


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