Thursday, September 1, 2016




A great man once said it’s wonderful to have family but without family what a shame~

And my dad was a great man
He was born 1930
Poor as a church mouse
Had a few scraps with the law.
But one day he met the most wonderful beautiful woman name Barbara Rose~

You see my daddy Floyd Billy fell head over heels in love. My mom adored my dad
My mom followed dad to the ends of the earth~

Dad joined the army and when I was a baby
He was on pork chop hill in Korea
Everyone was dying around him but God kept him alive
It was a nightmare on that nightmare hill~

Dad once said that he was a veteran as soon as he got to Korea
His train that was taking him to his new unit was under attack
Bullets were flying everywhere~

He was on that Hill for nine long months
The army sent him everywhere
He was the last man in his company left alive
YOU see My dad was my hero~

We were a traveling family
There were eight kids
Two of us born in North Caroline
One brother was born in Texas
Two sisters were born in Germany
Two more sisters born in California
We had so much fun as a family~

Those times will live forever in my heart
Mom and dad were inseparable
Then came Vietnam
He found himself on the front lines one more time with gunfire all around his head~

While the United States were protesting
They were trying to kill my dad
But again God had other plans for him
Still momma waited for him~

She took care of us children
Always had a kind word for everyone
Not knowing if daddy was alive or dead
She always had a smile on her face and an encouraging word ~

Everyone was drawn to my mom
Everyone loved her
Daddy had married an Angel~

When dad would come home from war
We would celebrate.
We would have milk to drink meat on the table
Instead of grits every day~

Yes times were tough
But we had an Angel for a mom
And our hero our dad was home from the war~

And we were happy~

If someone got sick
My mom was the first one there to clean their house and take them food to eat~

She taught us about the Love of JESUS!!!!

Then came the second tour of Vietnam
We all dreaded it
‘Daddy told us that the Army is trying to kill me’.

So much happened to us
Times were tough we didn’t have much to eat
But we waited for daddy to come home
Every single day~

Mom was our rock
Family came in tried to take some of us kids
Away from her and we protested
No…. we would rather be hungry
Then to leave our mother~

Dad got home again from Vietnam and he saved the day~

At Mom’s funeral and viewing
There were hundreds of people that filed in to pay respects
And I had no idea who they were~

Each one told me of how mom took care of them
One way or the other and treated them like they were family~

My dad was so proud of our mom
Mom kept our family together
Miss you mom and dad~

Tribute to my Dad and Mom they were married 61 years before Mom Died first, two years later to the month dad died with a broken heart missing our mom.

This month in 2011 my Mom Our Angel Barbara Rose went to heaven
This Month in 2013 my Dad Our Hero went to heaven
Deborah Brooks Langford @


Dedicated to the us ladies of Passion

Ladies, we try with all our best
Then we get a hurt reply
That makes us cry
The hurts that follow spin us around~

That day our star went out for good
Nothing would be as it seemed or should
We awoke to a cloudy misty day
There was about to be hell to pay~

We went in to wake up our bright shining star
But they had left and went faraway to far
We remember to many details
Our hearts still feels like it's going to fail
We hurt so badly
Everything is so very sadly~

Ladies, we must stay afloat
We must hold our heads up no matter how we hurt
The days will get better
So many of us, cry our hearts out~

A fool we are not,
We work so hard and play when we can
Kissing heads of our loved ones
What else can we do but love~

Debbie Brooks Langford @


If glamour is what you want
Glamour is what you have
Thank you Helen Sarita and her Kathleenhow sweet it is~

Hey I got the gloss and swinging of the hips
Blowing, popping, wintergreen
Black and silver
Dripping like icicles
Glittering in the fluorescent lights~

Shadow me in fragrance
Fluid motion
Back and forth
Like the ticking of a clock, I flock!!
Mascaraed eyes
Sparkles in my veins
White glittering pearls
Dress in diamonds~

Pin me up
On walls of white
Flowing black dresses
My head is filled with smoke
And your hands are held quite close
Treat me and love me right
As if I were you
I would ask me to dance while I am in the mood~
Debbie.... just having fun~
Debbie Brooks Langford


  1. Very touching
    Full of love
    Enjoyed reading it

  2. Hi Deborah...what a touching story about your Mum & Dad. We maybe worlds apart but we are not unlike you and I, and our history painted with rich colors supplied by life. With all my love, Livia.

  3. Thank you Livia so good to see you my dear friend..

  4. Beautiful writing. Beautiful story about your parents who I have always loved and respected. Just beautiful. Heartfelt and genuine. All the qualities that continuously move me to hold you in the highest of esteem.

  5. wow what a wonderful prose, the story really moved me..

  6. this should be a movie.. so deep and meaningful..

  7. I AGREE with everyone I agree this is beautiful poetry

  8. So beautiful! I love the story of your dad and mom..their story as angel and hero of the family. Their length of time being together was remarkable. And of course your poem for the ladies of passion was so touching and the last poem was cute and funny. . I was being mentioned there and also Kathleen. I love reading poems always.. the between its lines touched my heart.