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It can unite people in purpose, culture and peace
Ultimately is has the power to unite the whole world.”
~ManHee Lee~

What is love? Love can be categorized in many ways, having various purposes revolving around its intention: adoration, devotion, loyalty, all displayed in a positive emotional outward affection toward others; but for some love is selfish; adoring, devoting and having loyalty only toward themselves. Selfish love’s only intended purpose is to fulfill one’s own desires with no regard of others. This type of love has a negative impact on people they encounter day to day, and ultimately effecting humanity as a whole. When mankind unites in the purpose of expanding affectionate concern for those around them, along with humanity as a whole, unity will be evident. The strong emotional impact of true selfless love can remove the mountains of hate and prejudice in the world.

The effectual intention of love and unity for mankind begins in every human being’s personal heart and soul. Once the emotion of love finds its positive direction in every man, woman, and child, life’s purpose finds a new and better road; the road to unity. Mankind’s purpose, in this present time, should direct its focus on the respect and/or concern of others. Our world needs to go beyond learned ideals and behaviors; beyond our daily routines; beyond our own for walls; beyond tainted perceptions, and ultimately beyond prejudice and misunderstanding of others. This world consists of many cultures, ethnic groups, and race. When humanity allows itself to be woven together, in love, our world will be seen in the true beauty in which it was created; a tapestry of wonder and a painted picture of hues never perceived or appreciated.

May we revolve our intentions and purpose around love and respect for others. May our adoration toward others be honorable. May our devotion to the unity of mankind be profound in its dedication to life. May our loyalty to all mankind be faithful, and committed to the purpose of removing partiality, hate, prejudice, hostility, and contentions, into a harmonious, symphonic masterpiece of peace.

“A road not traveled is only a wasted dream.
The journey begins from within.”
~Stacia Lynn Reynolds~

Today, let us move forward toward the road less traveled. May our steps be firm in purpose. May our dreams go beyond thought, into outward action. Let us not waste another day, but begin our journey to a new and promising tomorrow.

In the September Edition of OPA, we are pleased to introduce the respected poet, George Onsy, in his own words. I encourage all to read through the interview with George, and learn about his writing experiences, along with his aspirations in life as well. Our Poetry Archive would also like to thank every participant who has agreed to be interviewed, beginning with OPA’s first “Poet of the Month,” Ana Nedelcu, in April; followed by Sandy Sass in May; Michael Marrotti, in the June Edition; Thomas DeAngelo’s interview in July; then the interview of Irsa Ruci last month in August. It has been an exciting adventure, and a great pleasure reading everyone’s answers from the interviews.

Those who would like to participate in our upcoming editions, please send at least three poems and a profile picture, along with the explicit confirmation of your permission for publication in OPA well before the 21st of every month. Our mail address is

Author Stacia Lynn Reynolds, editor, sincerely thanks each and every poet, poetess and reader who is actively involved in this wonderful blog and continued support of Our Poetry Archive.

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  1. Editorial is very nice! Yes, indeed love is the ultimate solution for all problems of the world!

  2. That is the best Editorial I ever read..

    1. Thank you Rose for your kind comment; it is much appreciated!