Thursday, September 1, 2016




You’re there
Wearing so beautiful dress
Making a seducing gestures
And dancing on nice melodies

They call you the great technology
you look to others
As an eternal prosperity
They all want staying in you
But as one soul not two

No one can judge you because
For all you are too sacred and wonderful..
You are the science of profession
But you are not the perfection
I’m here to make a pause with you
But not to blame or ask you
To lose your principles

You’re so awesome angel
Who penetrated our being
and brightened our lives
We  love you when  you are  wise
But not when you use
the mask of science to disguise

When you become crazy
and attract others to you
Did you think one day
That you are the slow death of humanity
By your attempts to transfer human to digital
Yes, you look so incredible
Everything in your world is possible
With your velocity you win time
But you paralyse our minds at same time

Yes technology, you make the world a small village
But because of you
We melt in your digital cage
Forgetting the human embrace
Since you make between us a big space
Despite we are living in the same place
Our hearts adore the screens,
by neglecting the real union
And living the real scenes .


The stormy winds never cease to blow
The sea plays with his waves,
But never thinks to throw or let them go

The sea is an endless story
A story of how your mind
And your heart can be free
Despite the size of limitations
Despite the uncountable conditions
Despite your life’s positions

From the sea you can see
Many rays standing up readily
While others standing up harshly
Their destination’s look is toward
the warmth of the sun
To the moon and stars and how they have fun

The sights spread here and there
A foot in cold, a foot in heat
The sea keeps our secrets
And never cheats, never cheats..

You go and to the sea you return
It’s an eternal school from which
We  learnt, we learn and we will learn...


While I was connecting
With pain of the past ,
The lost and the invisible
I heard a melody …
It was incredible
My jailed dream was hugged by me
My decisión was to break
The obstacles..
Tomorrow was there
She told me :

I’m not a symbol of pain but of care
I’m a nice reality not a nightmare
I’m here to talk and share
All what you hadn’t found there..
My smiles , my tears
My memories…
And my past….
Nothing lasts…

One day I’ll pass away
And for others I won’t be a tomorrow
I’ll be burried under the dust
And become a memory of the past

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