Thursday, September 1, 2016



Never i put off my heart
Though you are not opening a smile
Even when you are not beside me
But the flower you are planting will give fresh
So i just try to pick it up
As far as this world is not going to be the dust
That be really lightning to make a hope coming up
sm 20/07/2016,copyright

No one will go away to touch the flowers
Except when he becomes an angel

As long as the desire is under the holy soul
That is the nature of man

Whereas the evils seduce to do so
But this depends on how he comes to welcome

Since the flowers are beautiful
Which indicates heaven to touch rather than a hell

That is the nature of man
Really be dismissed to do so and then
That the lives be really saved


No reason to put off my love
Mean while you are opening the door to welcome
It is hard to forget who you are
If i were a bird
I would bring you to fly where i wished to go
But I kept silent
Since you are only traveling to an island
Where i sit on to wait for my longing
My longing is not for others
But for beautiful rose whom i love
Though regarding my love is like a red red rose
Never i turn my mind away from
Because you are the fuel of my heart
Since i was born till to die


Never i have been absent in moonlight
To write a poem,which makes me interesting
To talk with the lighting
Not to speak with the evil even before i come to the silent land
And i had better speak with God
Since my breath is given
And my holy soul is provided
Which is hard to share with others
Thus,i remember Him forever


You'll never find another like mine
Though you are traveling around the world for 80 days
Since the love i provide is a pure
And you'll not see me again even a single minute
Not because of anger
But it is a first lesson for you all
Then you might not do that again
If the woman like me be easily offended
Better I go so far away from
Because there is no an insect stings me anymore
Therefore, I go away so far from
If you swear by the name of God
My love will be coming soon
You might not find me anymore
I would like traveling by ship any where I like
Nobody forces me
Nobody forbids me till i die
That be a message urged till my longing fades away
Keeps this for a bitter lesson until the sea dries,my dear
That my love will say good bye with the tears coming down


In moonless night
My dream never goes away

Since my poetical words come up
To negotiate the real meaning of life
What is life?

It looks like a bubble blows up in the air
It looks like a rainbow
It sometimes has lighting

My love to mankind is full
But never i betray what love looks like
For the love of man is natural
Though the sky is too dark

And the sea is drying
Never i say you are not right
That be written in a note

Whereas the sun will give its lighting
Hoping the dream be still in breath



The night you sleep
Makes my dream achieved

For the rain is falling down heavily
Never i put off my longing

Since you are the soul of my body
Though i will be buried

The silent land is whispering
That my last message noted

Might not be put away
Now i am crying

Not for the moon
But for you and my dream

My longing is not for others
Only for the rose i am watering

And plant for the lives
For the sake of dream

Should this life be empty?
Never people think twice
If the mankind loves each other
How can a conflict be there existing
How can the death there be growing
Because of killing
Let them think twice until trice
Let them walk on the deserted land
And know how important the sun provides lightning

Only the thing i worry about is the sun
If there is no lightning
How can this world as well as life be bright
Life seems like growing leaves
Whereas the trees are the major thing that look like
For the justice they need
For equality is the basic
Though the man with different religion
With different culture
Are united in the same clay
That will make the prosperous
The lives will be peaceful
With no different humanity

Is it true what the poet says?
Where is the love?
Is the potential Governance giving love?
Is oppression given to them?
Are they cruel for every man?
Is humanity important to keep in mind?
Where is the solidarity?
Not only to speak up seriously
The factual responsibility be essential
Let them think trice...
If not,That this world and lives will be too dark
Because of weaknesses to care for
That must not be...
The lives needs humanity
And it needs love and solidarity


Never i miss to think how cruel of the man is
Since this world is blamed always

But man is sometimes makes troublesome
If this world is mistaken

Why should be there creatures to run the lives?
Humanity is the key

Justice is the major thing to bring up
That this life seems so fair

If the mankind is not arrogant
There will be no conflict among

The pride is useless to run the lives
For this life looks like lightning

It will give lighting to make the night bright
With no necessary to oppress the poor

Where is the potential Governance to handle this?
Are the poor of all useless?

Let think trice
For this is a serious case

Because everybody has right to live in
So as to make the same equality

There will be no much different
The poor and the rich

They are the creatures with the same soul
Though with different color of skin

With the same breath
Before coming into the silent land


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