Sunday, October 1, 2017




Heavy rain
on the thick crystal barrier.
Useless words slip
on the window panes.

Pioggia d’incomprensione

Pioggia battente
sulla barriera
di spessi cristalli.
scivolano sui vetri
le parole.


A year coming-and-going
like a diligent bee
among imagined flowers.

It’s gall in the mouth
a life spent in a crazy hive
without producing honey.


Viavai di anni,
come ape laboriosa,
tra fiori immaginati.

Fiele in bocca
il sapore di una vita
spesa in un alveare pazzo
senza produrre miele.


In the below deck
there are
happy remnant of cloth
and crumbs of love.
On the bow,
clods of fragrant ground
and some seed
so at the sun return
flowers can blossom again.


scampoli felici
e briciole d’amore.
Zolle di terra profumata
e qualche seme
sulla prua,
ché al ritorno del sole
i fiori sboccino ancora.
From “As leaves in Autumn” (“Come foglie in autunno”) (Ed. Tracce, Pescara, 2012)


ESTER CECERE was born in Taranto on 30/4/1958, where she lives and works as a researcher at the National Council of Research, marine biology department. She is married and has two children. She is author of five poetry books:

- “Burrasche e Brezze” (“Storms and Breezes”), which is her debut work in literary field (Il Filo, Rome, 2010)
- “Come foglie in autunno” (“As Leaves in Autumn“) with Preface by Ninnj Di Stefano Busà (Ed. Tracce, Pescara, 2012)
- “Fragile. Maneggiare con cura” (“Fragile. Handle with care”) with Preface by Nazario Pardini (Kairos Ed., Naples, 2014)
- “ con l’India negli occhi, con l’India nel cuore”  (“with India in the eyes, with India in the heart”) (WIP Ed., Bari, 2016)
- “Non vedo, non sento e…” (“I do not see, I do not hear and...”) with preface by Marina Pratici (WIP Ed., Bari, 2017)
and a collection of tales “Istantanee di vita” (“Snapshots of life”) (Kairos Ed., Naples, 2015), which is her narrative debut. She published, on invitation, in numerous anthologies of various authors also for charity purposes and she also writes for several literary journals. Her works also appear in various prizes anthologies. Several Italian poets and literary critics have expressed their favorable opinion on her works.

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