Sunday, October 1, 2017




Can you feel my love, when smilingly
I greet you in the morning,
In my coy gaze in my trembling,
In my soft whispering ?
Can you feel my love, when I look
Deep, into your emerald eyes ?
Can you understand, my deepest
Emotion, within my heart which lies ?

Do you feel my love, when I plant a
Kiss, in your heart’s core?
When I tug at your heart’s strings,
Do you crave for me more ?
Do you feel my love, when I trace
Patterns on your imagination,
Insanely as I call out your name,
In fervent admiration?

Taste the nectar of my love, as I
Surrender myself to you,
Smell its exotic fragrance, which is
Only meant for you.
Drown yourself in my love’s ocean,
Forgetting time and space,
Lose yourself within my breasts,
In my firm embrace.

Feel my love, in my heart beats,
Which does erratically beat,
You are but a lovelorn wanderlust,
Thirsty for my kisses sweet.
Feel my love, as I shake your soul,
Gently and tenderly,
Intoxicate yourself by sips of my
Love, ever so willingly.

Feel my love, when in ecstasy, I
Touch your thoughts intimate
With my soft hands and fingertips,
As I caress and palpate.
Feel my love, when passions rise
And mount to a crescendo,
Savour my love, during the ultimate
Bliss, in the sweetest afterglow.


Outside, the city was docked up with lights,
Inside the heart was lonely;
She tossed and turned alone in bed,
Counting moments restlessly.

The silence seemed to devour her
The darkness gave her a fright;
The rhythmic sound of the grandfather clock,
Pierced through the endless night.

Tear stained bed linen waited for him,
She thought she heard a knock;
It was only the sound of the pitiless rain,
And the merciless, heartless clock.


Snowflakes were dancing on the window pane
Snowballs were falling on the ground;
I glimpsed your tall, handsome frame
As you suddenly turned around.

My heart gave a leap, stopped for a while,
It was too good to be true;
You had claimed my body, mind and soul,
I only belonged to you.

You gave a half smile, waved goodbye,
And vanished into the blue;
I silently wept, swallowing my tears,
You took away my heart with you.


They say ‘Laughter is the best
Medicine’, for all ills and diseases
Paint your face with innumerable
Laughter lines and creases.
When you laugh a little, smile a little,
Tension and stress disappear,
When you joke a little, rejoice a little,
Life becomes much easier.

Dust your face with smiles and
Apply some blush of laughter
And see how you lead a long life,
Happily ever after.
Laughter is a cure for maladies, it
Is a tonic, an elixir.
It is a mirage, to which depressed
People mostly run after.

Laughter stabilizes blood pressure,
Blood sugar and mental anxiety,
It improves cellular, tissue and
All organic functions of the body.
Laughter reverses effects of strokes,
Heart attacks and thromboembolism.

Few capsules of laughter, can go a
Long way in increasing your longevity,
Some tablets of smiles can definitely,
Help in boosting your immunity
Laughter can even arrest cancer, if
Taken in a proper dose.
In life’s beautiful garden,
Laughter is a special red rose.

Laugh away all your troubles and
Live life, healthy and long
Laugh in difficult situations and
Emerge tall and strong.
Live life King size, hale and hearty,
With laughter on your face,
And see how worries melt away,
Leaving not a trace.

Laughter is infectious- if you laugh,
Everyone will laugh with you,
And all the troubles of the world,
Will vanish into the blue.
Life is a divine gift of God, so smile
And laugh every day,
Scatter love and laughter, for you
Will never again, pass this way.


Clouds shrouded the sky, an eerie
Silence pierced the night,
The moon was deathly pale, the
Road a ribbon, in the moonlight.
A stout staff in his hand, a cap on
His head, whistling as softly as he can,
A ghost of a figure, up and down
The alleys, paces the night watchman.

Children dread him, as they listen
to lullabies, think of him, as a bogeyman,
humming a tune, smoking sometimes,
walks the solitary man.
Wrapped he is in a grey overcoat,
To ward off the chill of the night
Prodding the road with his staff,
Often he stands by the street light.

Cozy and warm, within our homes,
We live in safety and security,
While he guards us and our property,
This lonesome, solitary entity.
Flitting across streets, casting long
Shadows, moves the night watchman,
Protecting us like a guardian angel,
Is this strange looking man.

He has learnt to smile all alone, he
Has learnt to swallow his tears,
Perhaps he was once afraid of ghosts,
Now he has conquered his fears.
At an unearthly hour, he constantly
Guards us, as best as he possibly can,
We are certainly indebted, to this
Agile and alert, night watchman.


PIYA GHOSH: A medical practitioner practicing General Medicine for the last 28 years. She had graduated from Medical College, Calcutta and did her post graduation in Tropical Medicine. She has been writing poetry, since the age of 7 years inspired by the Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore. She writes in English, Bengali and Hindi languages.

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