Sunday, October 1, 2017




The empty syllables in my eyes
Raise a commotion in the cloudy sky
While trying to discern the silence behind
The sky begins to cry

Alone I tread on my destined path
I find some shadows only
Though streets are full
Amidst chorus of crowd
Pangs of sorrow speak loud

I gave you a sky of love
With wings to fly
But I never knew
When it turned out to be a cage for you
Sky of love put up with a sudden eclipse

I know my exit won't  leave you unhappy
As there is no reason to stay
Love you always.. will miss you
But let me go far away
With the imprints of a sweet pain
To be cherished all the way

©® Gayatree G Lahon


Deep beneath my heart
Wrapped in tender breaths
Lies my another heart
That is you, another part of my being
You painted my sky with colors of love
And I glide on gathering rainbows

A perennial joy resides in me
An unseen bond ties me with you
When I see the mirror
I find you caged in my eyeballs
The air around me gets aromatic
Silence sings dulcet chime
The azure sky falls in my embrace
When I  feel you inside me, with me

Love is abstract,  metaphysical
It is not meant for words
To be spoken, heard or written
I feel your presence even in your absence
The casket of my heart is your abode
Time may stop flowing
But we can never be apart  !

©® Gayatree G Lahon


Come dear
Let us snatch some moments
From our prosaic life
With the fall of the day
A beautiful autumn evening is ascending
Soaked in dazzling moonlight
Let us drench in its silvery drizzle
How often I dream of a moonlit night !
Sitting quietly leaning on each other
And hearts resonate all the
Syllables of love

A secret longing of my lovelorn heart
To live some timeless moments
Of togetherness
Enjoying the fragrant air filled with love
Of jasmines blooming all night
Our bodies appear like sculptures
Soul flows in blissful euphony

The Sun is tired after the day's execution
Let him relax
Let the moon brighten our souls
And lighten our senses
Immortalizing the darkest hours

Soon the night will cease
Golden rays of the Sun will herald
Another busy day
Leaving an imprint of the night
In our memory lane
Reality may change its colour
But memory never betrays
Stays forever with us
So , come dear, let us be alive
Treasure this lovely ecstasy
Before it moves on and vanishes.....


GAYATREE G LAHON: Hailing from a beautiful Northeastern state in INDIA , Gayatree G Lahon is a teacher by profession and a poet by passion. Her motherlanguage is Assamese and nationality is Indian. She is an inhabitant of Assam, a state in the North eastern region of India. Gayatree is an ardent lover of nature and the beauty of life and her poems reflect those elements in a subtle way.

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