Sunday, October 1, 2017




My body surrendered
Shudderingly with the touch
Of your fingertips
Like a talented majestro
You expertly pulled
the strings of my heart
Reaching the highest cord
Into the depths of my soul
becoming engaged
As lyrical players
In this thrilling game
of a lovers song
Creating a melody
moving rhythmically
To the beat of our tunes
So delicately swaying
With the flowing music of love
Whilst being strung
By your amorous charms
Serenaded and swooned
Pulled into your magnetic arms
With the gentle touch of your hand
Becoming spellbound
by your hypnotic voice
I'm being moulded
With your beautiful sound
Angel Bell ( c) 2017


It's been a while
Since my eyes
Could gaze on your
Chiseled face
Yet it feels like yesterday
When we briefly met
It's been a long time
That l felt something
Like this
So alive and free
your smile always
The very being in me
I hide this thing
That stirs inside
For it's not ours
to be lit
Although l can feel
Your desired love
Just the thought of you
makes me blush
Knowing what
You'd want to do
So l lay here basking
In this bittersweet love
my cheeks glowing
With the summertime sun
Daydreaming in the
Basking in the warmth
Of your smile
Knowing we'll never
Cross that line
Wishing painfully
You could be mine
Angel Bell 🔔 (c) 2017


Im cheecky and fun
I'm wild and love the sun
I swing on swings
And the little girl in me
Will always have fun fun fun
I swing on the edge of reality
Dance under moonbeams
Of romantic fantasy
Pursuing adventure and
Sweet dreams
Exploding anything dark
Embrace and take my hand
You can see the magic spark
in my eyes
Swing with me
And let's fly fly fly
Climbing to the highest infinity
Swinging towards the Lords glorious divinity

 (c) 2017
Gifted and inspired for Lorena Gonzalez


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