Sunday, October 1, 2017



When you love all foes you have no woes
Embittered enmity flees with fear on toes
Loyal love for the world turns you a victor
You go on showeting  love above a sector

Nobility is the peerless promoter of peace
Amity acceleratees.its. predominant pace
Envy fuelled enflames enormously  hearts
Rupturing  their rapture in all primary parts

You can access assiduously rarest respite
When you succeed in suppressing all spits
Moments of elation make life S celebration
You deserve the leadership with felicitation

Magnanimity props you to enliven moments
Saddling you with leadership of movements
Script in striking splendour all glorious living
Building new world with stupendous striving

You should creep when you can not leap
You can leap loftily as you learn to creep
Life depends on the exercise of choices
Distancing devilishly disparaging voices

Stupendous striving leads to lofty living
There is no thriving without rare striving
Vexing talk and stroll are good riddance
Earnest endurance exhibits its elegance

You can nurture aplomb to win the game
All situations arising in life are not same
Braving risks for rapturous resplendence
You grow sure of spiritual independence

Enormous endeavor adds to living flavour
Each auspicious thing goes in your favour
You should enrich all ecstasy of existence
Without relying solely on other assistance

Twilight enlightens us to sight our insight
Enrapturing all our existence before night
Let us enflame the torch of love all  above
Radiating beams of bliss with gentle glow

Let us broaden outlook to cherish essence
Delving  into depth of peerless prominence
Vital venture verifies all  our invincible spirit
Strengthening us to.acquire glory with merit

Attributes of nobility always stand supreme
Turning.our endeavour into  a fruitful dream
A wondrous will writes a fantabulous victory
Actimg with aplomb authoring a new history

Triumphing over triviality we nurture cordiality
Acquiring exquisite ecstasy with rare morality
Life can be a consummately vherushable glee
Amidst the grinding grief we should never flee


MANTHENA DAMODARA CHARY was born into the family of poets at Elukurthy Haveli in Warangal District of Telangana in 1956. After rendering thirty years of teaching English at college level he turned his attention to creative work. He has founded five forums of poetry.and got some anthologies of poetry. He has carved a niche for himself as a distinguished poet in the world today. He is the recipient of the World Icon of Peace Award. He lives in Hyderabad in India.

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