Sunday, October 1, 2017




I have made many mistakes in life
Without my knowledge and
Some prompted by my enemies
I would like to transform myself
Into that beautiful human I was born
God help me to circumvent all

I want to be totally transformed
Into a new human with precious values
Imbibed into me from small
But I made mistakes and failed
I am ready for a new beginning
With your ever loving hands upon me

I want to bury my mistakes
Never to bother me in this life
I bow down to you with utmost love
And promise not to commit any wrong
Take my hand oh Lord and bless
Me an everlasting life with you !

©® Sarala Balachandran


Your ways did not appeal to me in the very beginning, indecent n impolite
You were cut n dry with no care  in your walk n talk
You approached me with no promises for tomorrow, I felt no good and was unhappy !
But the way you looked at me conveyed many things hidden in your heart
I paused and pondered for days together to know you better !
When you wanted to take me out for dinner, you knew I had no fine clothes, you came with beautiful dress crimson red and matching pearls, and a lovely perfume!
You opened the car doors for me made me to sit in comfort and I saw your caring smile, a smile which melted my heart !
You ordered menu of my choice and after the dinner, you opened your heart how much you care and love me lifting my chin looking deep into my eyes!
I realised there is a kind and loving heart behind that stern n uncaring look !
You proposed to me the very night and I accepted your love with deep most devotion !
We tied the matrimonial knot on a solemn day blessed by God Almighty !

©®Sarala Balachandran


When you have reached the top
In a triumphant manner, you know your love was genuine and not false !
Climb the mountain peaks with hopes high in your heart and love for your motherland who provided you the mountains green and lush !
Without love in your heart  triumph is not possible you will only reach half way through !
In all things you do put your hope in heart and sing a song hoping to be triumphant !
Look at the eagle flying so high above the clouds it places its hope on the mighty wings God has created for it !
It swoons down so fast picks up its prey and fly high again !
Who created the world with beautiful nature knows how to preserve it well n green !
Have faith in your abilities to reach the top and surely you will succeed in your attempt !
Do good and receive blessings from above in abundance !
Faith and trust in God takes you to highest peaks where you never thought you will land at all !


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