Sunday, October 1, 2017




Do not wake up the Horsemen of Apocalypse!

Four horses snort, hooves tap.
They are ready to gallop.

War, death, hunger, plague are always together
And ride side by side.

Auschwitz was not a dream.
The demons are born
In the dark side of human nature.

The lust for power
The glory of winning
The greed
The fraudulent propaganda

Do not break the seals!


I saw an angel in my dream,
as he turned his tear-stained face.

Love burned at the stake. Hatred set the fire.
Its stinging tongues annihilated goodness and mercy.
The ashes of hopes and dreams fell down,
they turned into gray dust.
Nothing was left but pain and suffering of the survivors.

Fear lived in the ruins of the abandoned houses ,
Despair played on the cello a long, whining melody,
or maybe it was just the wind, which howled and whirled.
It blew away along the empty streets
the paper tears of torn books
It  opened widely the mutilated windows and  the doors,
leading to nowhere.

Silence – the companion of death,
muted the complaints in the dead mouths.
Delicate and fragile human bodies returned to the earth,
they turned to dust.
The grass healed the wounds - the deep craters,
left by bombs ,
The compassionate rains washed  them gently.

The moon, like an enormous pendulum,
Told  the time and measured vanishing.


The survivors' memory fades,
they pass away one after another.
Fewer and fewer numbers in stripes
cross the threshold of hell.
The gate, guardian of the death factory, sneers.

The words "Arbeit macht frei"
turns back the time, memories come alive.
Sad eyes of the prisoners stare from old photographs.
A huge mountain of shoes holds your eye,
doesn’t let you go away.

The railway ramp remembers the laughter
of the torturers and the wail of the victims.
The green shroud woven of grass
has covered the reeking mud.
The scream of the suffocated
is embedded in the walls of gas chambers.

Pilgrim, pause, don't pass indifferently by.
Forgotten histories will return
and come alive somewhere else.
Remember: “it’s people who dealt this fate to people”.


There are many religions in the world, many rules.
It doesn’t matter to which God we pray.
In what language we speak the words.

We treat each man like a brother.
We need each other,
People are not lone islands upon an ocean.

In the moments when the sun disappears, and darkness falls,
When despair and sadness extinguish the will to live,
Someone will always extend a helping hand.

We are all heading towards eternity.
Like footprints, we leave along the way
Memory of good and bad deeds.

In this reality, we are but travelers.
Nothing is given to us forever.
We arrive naked and we leave naked.


I will build a bridge made of sentences
And I will fasten it with positive thoughts.

I will use words “ warmth and understanding”,
Later I will add my mother's prayers.

I will replace the lies of war’s propaganda
With stanzas about friendship and love.

Next I will paint precise words
“Kindness and tolerance”.

Strangers will be connected firmly
With rivets of  powerful emotions.

Poem for peace, stronger than steel,
is free and immortal.


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