Sunday, October 1, 2017




It's no longer time for us
now that we are not, the road
curve to the sight, and I really do not know
to which latitude is the Earth
which promised us, which one
where we once overwhelmed
to drink from the source
that I forget now.


How many such opportunities are that
they take away the words of mouth -
indeed they close it.
Perhaps in the cellophane the gag travels
along with a portable, new generation tablet
your ties go hand in hand, forget it
and yet
we are the hand that stretched out to us, and the bones that bore us,
we are inextinguishable
as promises, Mother,
your eyes.


It was not the flavor of the days
or the scent that you dissipated
we did not have enough
to live
of what to live without
what not to do without
I remember
what color was lacking in the sky
maybe all in the neck, hanging
even he was scarce
in supporting us.
Then came the cold and the snow and the faith
bipolar, and restrained confined
while trespassing with you
all the promises.


GIADA GIORDANO:  She was born in Rome in 1989. At thirteen she won the Mention of Honor at the National Poetry Contest "A Flower for You" by the City of Cervia, Unaflor and the Dutch Flower Office. At eighteen she wrote "Symptom and Symbolism in the Aesthetic-Decadent Vision of the 21st Century", which represents for her to interfere with the world of the essay. In 2014 she is selected for the Creative Writing Course, by Rai Eri. In 2015 she won Poetry Slam at the Roma Fringe Festival. Her poetic poem was published in the magazine "Voce Romana" by Sandro Bari. Her poetic composition is in the Archives of the National Center for Leopard Studies. Finalist at Tea Poetry 2015, at the Belli 2016 Prize, at the Versus Sulmona 2017 and at the Mario Arco 2017 Prize. Some of his poems have appeared on international magazine "Patria and Literature". Her three unpublished works have been translated into the Journal of Italian Translation by the Department of Languages of the University of New York.

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