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Our Religion is Love
Our Gospel is Unity
Our Joy is expressed
In Our laughter!
We play like children meeting
The needs of our mind, body
And spirit!
We hold each other close,
I am in you and you are in me,
Our reverence for each other allows
Us to be free, Just to Be!
No Demands and No expectations!
Our Love is Pure!
©®Mary Lynn Luiz -12/27/2014


As a child at play.
I skip along my way.
Through fields , meadows,
And green palmettos.
Filled with flowers,trees,
And bumble bees!

Delightful fragrances fill the air
as gentle breezes blow here and there!
Butterflies fluttering from flower to flower
Busy bees  with their power
gather sweet nectar
From every sector
I hear the babbling of the brook
Where  over rocks and stones, it crooks
I lay and listen to soothing sounds!
A symphony in my head abounds
My mind is  silent without alteration
Lulled Into deep meditation

Wondering , I have no clue
Why the sky is blue and high
As clouds so white , seem to fly.
My imagination will not be denied !
A Freedom and Peace is everywhere
In this, I so much want to share!

Oh! Gentle Teacher!
Creator of All Things
My Soul seeks Wisdom and Truth on which to feed.
Teach me to trust and follow unknown paths as you lead!
Questioning not, what I don't understand,
But by Faith knowing  that You hold my hand!
©Mary Lynn Luiz ~ Oct.12,2016


What can I do to entice you to share?
My amazing garden, by meeting me there.
You must leave all ego and vain desires at the gate.
One whose heart and soul is pure, has not hate,
He will be permitted to enter that gate.
We can dream, imagine, and create a beautiful form of art
Forever landscaping the soft ground of our hearts!
Tender words whispered in your ear, that only you can hear,
will become like morning dew on roses, a healing balm!
Gentle touches!  As I run my fingers through your hair.
Kissing  your forehead, hands, and palms.
Caressing your face, each feature I trace. To know with my heart
What my mind cannot erase or be a part!
Like a gentle rain falling we are refreshed and made whole!
The seeds spoken here nourish our souls!
Do you dare?
To meet me there!
©Mary Lynn Luiz    ~ June 30, 2016


MARY LYNN LUIZ: Born and raised in Florida USA. Graduated Auburndale Senior High School 1964. Study Philosophy and Psychology, Sociology, and Ethics at Polk State College 1978-1989. Retired Branch Manager Sunniland Corporation 1971-2001 Lived in Dubai UAE 2001-2005. Lived in Alexandria Egypt 2005-2010. Now resides with her husband in Winter Haven, Florida. Loves to travel and be with the people who teach and share their beliefs and customs! Began writing poetry in 2014 under the encouragement of Satya Pattnaik. She wrote the foreword for his book "Do Not Sell The Spring". Her poetry is written from the heart

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